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Home Remedies (Medicine fer Po' Folk)

Added: Tuesday, February 12th 2019 at 5:51am by Imperatrix

I've suggested these techniques to a few individual Blogsters from time to time, but since this place seems so chock-full of us old geezers with various aches and pains, I thought it was time to post them on their own, as a public service.



(For people who do not have or cannot use an electric heating pad, and everyone else, too)

This works great on almost every body part and it's super safe, too, because it's self limiting (cools off without being turned off.

Fill an old, clean sock with dried beans, any kind.  Fill it almost full, but don't forcibly stuff it, you want it to be flexible.  Tie off with string or a sturdy rubber band.

Heat that sucker in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, smooshing the beans around about halfway through.  Get it very warm, almost hot, but not quite.

Put that bad boy wherever it hurts.

It takes quite a while for it to cool off, and since it's flexible it can be draped around sore necks and shoulders, around cold toes or a twisted ankle, placed at the small of the back, almost anywhere.  You can even fall asleep with it safely because...no electrics!



Fill a deep bowl with uncooked whole rice.  The bowl needs to be deep enough for your entire hand to fit in it up to the wrist. 

Heat in microwave until very warm but not hot.  Stir the grains of rice about halfway through heating time.

Get comfy somewhere with your warm bowl of dry rice, yum!

Shove your hand down in it, and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze...gently or vigorously, whatever feels best.  Rest hand in the heat as necessary, but try to keep those digits moving.  The warmth reliefs pain and the tiny grains skidding over every tiny bone, tendon, muscle and nerve stimulates circulation and healing.  Plus, it feels wonderful!


Teehee, and this is why, when we visit our exceedingly generous local food bank once a month, we always say "Yes, please" to extra dry staples like beans and rice when offered.  They are sustenance AND medicine!


Image result for Bean nice to see ya

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The only thing I can think of is if you have need of an ice pack and don't have one handy, grab a bag of frozen peas or corn out of the freezer and you have an instant flexible ice pack.

Yes, I've done that too, and may try it with the beans sometime, because the peas or corn always seem to melt so fast.  I think the rice would probably do the same, but hard beans of a large size might hold the freeze a lot longer.

Both remedies sound great.  I got comfort just from reading this.  The dry beans sound right up my alley.  I have right knee pain in the meniscus area.  Warm dry beans would work wonders on there.  I also have sore thumbs, probably CTS.  The rice remedy could help soothe that, I'm thinking.  Both remedies easy, and within the tips of the fingers to throw together.  Thanks, Sabrina!

Anytime, SC.

The rice and hand exercises are great for carpal tunnel, and are often prescribed after surgery.  I learned this technique from a physical therapist who treated me after several hand and wrist surgeries that were done to repair some of the damage my joints have sustained from rheumatoid arthritis.

One of those surgeries had them cutting two larve V shaped incisions across my palm, and as it began to heal, the scar tissue was pulling my entire hand together in a claw-shape, ouch.  Silicone patches softened the scars, and this exercise done at home, along with others done at their facility, restored my hand to a better-than-brand new condition, such a relief!

Maybe you can avoid having carpal tunnel surgery if you check out some other exercises for the hand?  The trick is getting the pain to let up long enough to do 'em, right?

So try the warm rice first...

Hope it helps, let me know!

Some excellent tips, Sabrina!

My remedies are old wives' tales, such as baking soda baths to lower fever; gargling warm salt water for sore throat or throat infection; cornstarch for diaper rash; aloe vera goo for small burn areas; vaseline and white cotton socks worn overnight for dry cracked feet.  These have all worked very well for me.  

Never heard of the baking soda bath lowering fever, but most likely any tepid or cool bath would lower body temps, and baking soda does sooth soreness, so that sounds like a win/win to me, tho I never tried it.

I have tried all the others and they are in regular rotation, still!  Salt kills germs, cornstarch absorbs moisture, aloe vera is good for more things than we can list here, and vaseline is the great-grandaddy of all moisturizers!

I wonder how many Militant Environmentalists know that without petroleum, there'd be no vaseline?  (Or hundreds of thousands of other products, for that matter, including our good friend PLASTIC.)

But I digress!

We'll all be healthier anyway after all cars are banned, from all the walking we'll have to do while hunting for aloe vera plants and making our own cornstarch.

How the hell is cornstarch made?

(inquiring minds are gonna google that.)

Snooks is blessed with both forms of arthritis, and has a large wax heater that coats her hands and feet in wax when she withdraws them from the heat. The wax peels off easily awhile after, but seems to moisturize the skin after the heat treatment. She claims several days of relief afterward ...

Yessss...I tried one of those at a beauty salon once, before a manicure, and it felt wonderful.  Left my skin smooth for days, just like she says, and with the home units you can reuse the wax, too.

~starts on an early christmas list~

These are great to know!  I've heard epsom salts in a bath help with aches and pains.  

It's true, your body can absorb magnesium through the skin, and that's what Epsom Salts are.


Ooo, good one! I've always used regular teabags though, was told the tannin in them is what helps the swelling.  I'll give the chamomile a try, it may work even better?

Do you think you should be giving health advice

Do you think you can get a life?

Tall order there Sabrina lol

No shit.

These could be very helpful to us. Thanks a bunch! :) {#thumbs-up.gif}


Yvonne has some carpal tunnel problems and arthritis in hands from typing so much. Warm rice would probably feel good to her

I'm sure it would!

I gargle with warm salt water whenever I feel a sore throat coming on. It usually does the trick.

It sure does!

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