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Added: Saturday, April 14th 2012 at 5:43am by HodgepodgeOfThoughts

WOW, What ever happened to “transparency” in ANY way, shape, or form, from ANY fraction of the U.S Federal Government?


I just read this article where on Monday the official that organized the General Services Administration conference/party on “OUR DOLLAR” in Las Vegas will invoke his “Fifth Amendment Right”, when he gets to be asked questions on Capital Hill.




It’s really great that in the Obama Administration there’s nothing to hide, and that everything is fine. If something does come up he has someone to blame. But, how long can Bush be held for mistakes made years after he’s been out of office? Answer – As long as “His Sheeple” don't hold him accountable for mistakes that are his, and he “OWNS UP” to those mistakes.


 I personally respect a person that will admit when they’re wrong. That’s a good sign of their character. I totally despise one that pushes blame onto someone else. But, that is just my opinion. 

User Comments

This Neely character is the "mastermind" behind the "convention" but only receives administrative leave....aka paid vacation.....on our dime?   its just the tip of the iceberg and the S*** will hit the fan soon when more fraud, waste and abuse comes out.

The whole government is corrupt, and the waste, fraud and abuse has never been worse.

Heck, Obama's own Secret Service men were caught visiting prostitutes on his current trip.

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