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Love on the Rocks/ Straw

Added: Monday, February 11th 2019 at 8:52am by Hershey-OTR



With Valentine’s Day fast approaching a child hood friend and I have been discussing the aspect of the What “if’s “. What if one particular relationship of ours had endured instead of Going  on the Rocks. Many of you won’t recall the song by Neil Diamond titled Love on the Rocks.  


Here’s a You Tube video of it for your listening pleasure and the Lyrics.



Love on the rocks

Ain't no surprise

Pour me a drink

And I'll tell you some lies

Got nothin' to lose

So you just sing the blues all the time

Gave you my heart

Gave you my soul

You left me alone here

With nothing to hold

Yesterday's gone

Now all I want is a smile

First, they say they want you

How they really need you

Suddenly you find you're out there

Walking in a storm

When they know they have you

Then they really have you

Nothing you can do or say

You've got to leave, just get away

We all know the song

You need what you need

You can say what you want

Not much you can do

When the feeling is gone

May be blue skies above

But it's cold when you love's on the rocks

First, they say they want you

How they really need you

Suddenly you find you're out there

Walking in a storm

When they know they have you

Then they really have you

Nothing you can do or say

You've got to leave, just get away

We all know the song

Love on the rocks

Ain't no surprise

Pour me a drink

And I'll tell you some lies

Yesterday's gone

And now all I want is a smile........... I love it!!!!!

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Hello Again, My Friend”   song with Lyrics




Shortly after my friend and I had this conversation about past loves of ours,  I received a phone call out of the blue from a long time former boyfriend . The relationship began in college and lasted a 9  1/2 years until we mutually parted.  His phone call to me  was simply a “ Hello again, My Friend” type call. Hearing his voice again and being able to catch up on our lives was wonderful. We talked for 2 hours and promised to stay in touch not allowing years to pass by without sharing news of our Grandchildren, our successes and disappointments in life and our dreams for our future.


With the thought of Hello Again my Friend on my mind, I cruised over to the Hanover Bald Eagle live cam this morning to check on my Eagle friends to say “Hello”. Several of you are aware that I post a link to this cam and information about these amazing eagles each year. 


At the moment , the female and male have been diligently preparing the nest for the laying of eggs. Branches, quite large and others quite small are being delivered by Eagle Air Express then broken by the beaks and talons of the eagles. It’s quite an interesting process to observe as they often don’t seem satisfied with their nest building re-working the Nest Rehab again and again.


These two Eagles have been in a Loving Relationship for several years now. There was a problem last year when another female arrived to battle with the other female. Although the Conservation Group in PA doesn’t give names to birds and other critters, the public Named these two Freedom ( the Male)  and Liberty ( the female)  I don’t know  if the public gave the intruder a name other then “ The Intruder”.


Their activity level has ramped up the past week which may indicate that Liberty is getting close to birthing.


For those who are interested here’s the link to these cams and a  screen shot I grabbed this Morning.  The other screen shots wouldn't upload for some odd reason even tho they are the same size as this one.














User Comments

try this link: https://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/hanover-bald-eagle-nest-live-cam

take out the https:// to make it work right

Liberty and Freedom? Cute!!!

River G. those were good choices by the public for names. They wanted to do that as they chat @ the feed & wanted to keep track of each eagle better. The female is the larger one & the male has distinctive marks around his neck and beak.


try this one

 this one doesn't work either

Thanks, KatsK.  What could go wrong at blogster has gone wrong. Why, I don't know except I'm finding it very irritating to not even be able to pull up a You Tube with a link.

I agree

have a good week. I was looking @ the Snow-Ski report there this AM even tho you said it misses your town.

Can’t get it to load.

I can't get the Eagle Cam to load or the You Tube to pull up. What has gone wrong here to make this impossible when it was easy for many years? 

do a search for Hanover, Pa bald eagle cam or the Neil Diamond You Tubes if you feel like listening/watching, River G.

Geeze. The other woman is a problem in the animal world too, eh?


{#dancing6.gif} Ken, You should have seen that fight last year. It was frightening to watch.The "original" female left the nest for a long time after the fight. Viewer feared she had died but she returned & the Intruder was displaced. The eagles are monogamous & faithful according the the Game Wardens & others in the know.

In the link, remove the "s" in "https"  to read "http" at the very beginning, then the link should work.

OK,SC. I'll try it that way.


Nope..didn't work. Says can't find the server. Later I'll go back to my old old posts on the Eagles to see what I addded there as the links worked once upon a time.

Thanks for your suggestion. I approve & encourage you to eat another piece of that cake for your kind help.

The link wasn't working for me til I removed the "s".  Funng how different methods work for some, and not for others.  No cake left.  I need to get another!

You have me salivating for some. Im going to look for an ON-Line order source later tonight. I only had it once when I visited friends who lived near that Lake Ponchatan (sp?) North of NO.

Again... Spectrum got in the way of the first video, but again, I know the song well. 

I love that bald eagle cam... 

Nate: kind of puts what we were talking about in perspective, doesnt' it?  You have spectrum probs and I have I don't know what problems. Odd that it worked well for 8-9 years now has gone haywire on me. Same computer..use different browsers etc. 

I'll let you know if I can ever get a working link unless you already have a good link that works for you.

NOPE, I don't... the glitches keep getting worse for me.

ha, I do remember the song. I am old enough. Bro. Doc

I like music that I can understand the words & sing along with, Bro Doc. 

On Sunday from 2-4 p.m. West Coast Time, in PalTalk you would love my Doo Wop Program for 2 hours. My records turned to Cd and I pay there.  We are under Doo Wop and More Station. Bro. Doc

{#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} Yep, I do remember it!

The songs are old classics kind of like me without the "classic", Ellie. They bring back memories for us that are part of our history.

And that's why I call them Golden Oldies, nothing can compare to those songs of old....

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