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greatmartin sweetvaids

Abortion "laws"

Added: Friday, September 10th 2021 at 2:00pm by GreatGayAuthor
Related Tags: life
These are just a few 'comments' I found on facebook---and agree with!!
Just as I don't understand any Gay person voting Republican I do not understand how any Woman can--the only argument I hear pro Republican is that they 'don't give away money like the Democrats'--they will sell their soul for a few dollars????

 So you can read it!

User Comments

When so called "pro-lifers" start worrying about the life experience of a child forced into being born to a mother than didn't expect, or possibly want said child living in poverty, then I will start worrying and considering the concerns of so called "pro-lifers".

Until that time they are "pro-fetus" and "anti-women's choice" NOT pro-life.

Now having said that, I will say I also agree, when rape is treated as negatively as these people want to treat those who resort to Abortion when raped, I will take their concerns seriously as well.

My friend in NYC sent this to me--she is wise!!

"As a wise woman once said, "only when  vaginas look like guns will there be any protection for women."  This "debate" just makes me so angry that I can hardly think about it."

funny quip to express the idea....and guns have the advantage of being "free of regulation" per certain groups. (sigh)

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