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THIS IS HUGE!!! Should be death penality for any who reads others brains!

Added: Wednesday, January 25th 2023 at 1:22pm by FedUpToHere

EXCERPT: “Artificial intelligence enabled advances ... decoding brain activity in ways we never before thought possible ,” ...

(Related: This is all part of WEF leader Klaus Schwab’s continued efforts to “master the future “.)



FED UP SAYS:   I'm VERY angry!!



January 25, 2023 -

( Natural News )

They're almost done taking away your freedom of speech.

And the next part of their agenda is to steal your freedom of thought.

At this year's annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), globalist Nita Farahany led a session called "Ready for Brain Transparency?" that discussed the next globalist plot to decode and …

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Here's why you are remarkable in your knowledge and skills, and why oblivious people are so confused

Today's podcast reveals something that I'm certain you share: The fact that people like you and I are so well informed and possess so many skills (self-reliance, growing food, etc.) is totally baffling to the oblivious masses.

They can't even believe that people like us exist. They think we are "impossible geniuses" simply due to the fact that we are so well informed and capable.

In today's podcast, I cover this in more detail, as I'm sure it's something that you also experience when dealing with oblivious people. They are astonished at how much you know.

Find the new podcast here .


TRUTH is finally coming out about all the gross lies told by Anthony Fauci et al, thanks to the courage of independent investigative journalists like James O’Keefe, and courageous frontline doctors like Peter McCullough and Robert Malone The Medical Cartel’s House Of Cards Hovering Over The Masses Is FINALLY Collapsing By Judi McLeod

The Medical Cartel’s House of Cards Hovering Over the masses is FINALLY Collapsing

A ccording to PolitiFact online baloney:  “A viral TikTok video is spreading the misleading claim that an Ontario group that regulates physicians suggested that patients unwilling to get the COVID-19 vaccines may be mentally ill. (Politifact , Nov. 20, 2022)

According to The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario FAQ page, as recorded by the WayBackMachine on Sept. 22, 2022:

“It is also important that physicians work with their patients to manage anxieties related to the vaccine and not enable avoidance behaviour. In cases of serious concern, responsible use of prescription medications and/or referral to psychotherapy are available options. Overall, physicians have a responsibility to allow their patients to be properly informed about vaccines and not have those anxieties empowered by an exemption.”



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