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Interfaith Dialogue with Islamists/Muslims? ...be VERY careful!

Added: Friday, January 11th 2019 at 11:05am by FedUpToHere

Here's 2 Articles that are on point: (1) from Smithsonian Magazine: "THE PRIEST OF ABU GHRAIB", and (2) The threat of interfaith dialogue,   by  J.M. Phelps .



The long story is about a confused Christian who gets taken-in by a demon in/on/or around an Islamist prisoner, ...even though when he first got there to be an interrigator, he was told that Satan was present with the prisoners.  "These men ," they said, "are agents of Satan, gentlemen. "  They were right in telling him that.  This man, " The Priest" got super-fooled...that the prisoners don't want war, they want peace, and, they just want to go home.  WRONG!  Wrong, and wrong...

BTW -- There is an easy-read of the Koran in English. The copy I have, translated by a Muslim English citizen, has held up as an excellent translation for about 70-80 years:

................THE KORAN -Translated By N. J. Dawood


1)  From reading the Koran it is obvious that Islamists/Muslims desire complete world domination by their religion and politic.  Their Allah demands it.

2)  They know that Jews and Christians are the worst enemies to their commanded progress to world domination.

3)  Their Allah says that they are A-OK to lie or be otherwise dishonest with any/all non-islamists/Muslims in order to gain world domination, slowly but surely.  (let that sink in).

They have options: to A) go slow, (B) tryto seduce with lies, and/or (C) if they have the upper hand, offer islam and chop off the heads of those who decline to join up.  ...all revealed in fairly plain language...

4) "Peaceful Muslim" is a total lie/pipe-dream.


So, have a look for yourself.  BUT--As a general rule, DO NOT rely on online translations.  Find/buy and read a copy of:  THE KORAN -Translated By N. J. Dawood

It is rather short compared to The Bible, and, sort of like an average 400 page novel in both length and difficulty.




Truth is, demons may very well fool even Christian & Born-Again seekers who are not schooled in what Islam is,... in what it actually is.

The threat of interfaith dialogue

By J.M. Phelps   Evangelical Christians in the U.S. are under attack by Islamists and Marxists, says Brannon Howse, founder of Worldview Weekend , because they are "the only real obstacles [to America] being completely overtaken" by those groups.  When the Judeo-Christian ethic of America falters, "we are done as a constitutional republic," because it is Christian faith that promotes the defense of a constitutional republic based on a Judeo-Christian worldview.

Howse says the greatest threat to evangelicals, specifically, is interfaith dialogue.  An egregious example of that, he says, came from the words of Islamist theoretician Sayyid Qutb, who stated that "interfaith dialogue is a one-way bridge to bring the non-Muslim to the side of the Muslim – not the other way around."

Islamists aren't the only ones who use that tactic, says Howse.

"Interfaith dialogue is [also] being promoted by Marxist groups like the Gamaliel Network ," he tells OneNewsNow.  The Gamaliel Network can be found in over 17 states and was "expanded greatly" in the 1980s by a former Jesuit priest by the name of Gregory Galluzzo.  He notes that Galluzzo studied under Saul Alinsky and helped to bring Barack Obama to Chicago to become a community organizer .

The Gamaliel Network promotes interfaith dialogue because it "understand[s] the importance of what Karl Marx, the father of communism understood."  He understood "the Hegelian dialectic process – pitting opposites against each other so there can be a merging or a synthesis – and that's exactly what Saul Alinsky taught" Galluzzo to do.

Alinsky taught that "change comes from the conflict."

"You get people to conflict; you get them to have chaos."  Then they "tire of the conflict [and become] willing [to] compromise to have unity and to have peace, so everybody can get along."

Having learned that tactic from Alinsky, Galluzzo then expanded the Gamaliel Network by using "Christian terms and Christian names" and "twisting Scripture" to create confusion among evangelicals.

"So, the greatest threat right now facing evangelical Christians is interfaith dialogue coming at us from both the Marxists and Islamists." [[And the apostate Born-Agains!]]

That is the reason why Howse produced the new six-hour documentary Sabotage .  "[The film] is all about understanding how the Islamists, the Marxists, and their useful idiots are destroying America from within."

Sadly, says Howse, "some of these useful idiots are coming from inside evangelicalism – [from those] who don't understand either Islam nor do they understand Marxism."  They suggest that the "things we're promoting [are] conspiracy.  [But] their ignorance doesn't make me a conspiracy theorist; it just makes them ignorant [to the facts]."

"And that's what we have today with so-called Christian useful idiots giving way to social justice, a social gospel, white privilege, reparation, and interfaith dialogue.  This is how you destroy a nation from within: with a Trojan horse."

J.M. Phelps is a Christian activist and journalist based in the Southeastern U.S.  He is also editor and publisher of the website Lantern of Liberty .




User Comments

I have become personally acquainted with a good handful of Muslims over the years, FedUP, and not a one of them has ever tried to convert me.  Not a single one.

It *was* suggested by one friend in particular that I obtain and read a translation of the Koran just to satisfy my curiousity, but he did not steer me to get a copy from any particular distributor or translation.

I just googled 'free koran' or something like that, it's been a while, and ended up requesting one from the King of Jordan.  The book arrived, it was read, and I have kept it for reference.

No one came knocking.  No one insisted on hand delivery.  No one called or spammed my email.  And I repeat, not a single Muslim I have come to know has ever, EVER, tried to convert me.

I cannot say the same about certain Christians, in fact, almost every devout Christian I know *has* made that effort, some by gentle example, though they are rare, others by 'in yer face' condemnation of the type that happens on Blogster.

You raise many points. I'll address only a couple right now.

OK, one person's experience. 

However, even one million persons' experience in our USA is not proof against what I have said/claimed.  Franly, if I wanted to dominate the world, I'd do exactly what they do and have done...and mostly leave the big guy (USA) for last, when I would be the strongest, after religiously and politically conquering over 80 countries in the world...and counting. 

BTW, Canada is practically 'converted' in many, many ways already...as are England, Germany, France, etc., etc., etc. in Europe, to name only a few.

To unbelievers of 'my stuff' a couple years ago, I challenged like this:

Just watch.  This has happened in dozens of countries around the world. 

So, reasonably, I ask:  When the radical Muslims come 'round your neighborhood insisting that you convert or be beheaded, will your "peaceful" Muslim neighbor come to your aid and insist that you be spared?  Nope.  Not a chance.  THAT has never happened anywhere in the world.

The 'radical' Muslims (REAL-KORAN Muslims), knowing ALL Muslims are brought-up on the same Koran, will easily bring the lukewarm/"peaceful" Muslims back into the fold and to a right-zealous for REAL Islam in this same way, ...for the Koran insists ALL Muslims be/do/live what it commands...or, off with yer head!

--They have been doing this easily...all over the world.

Iam not qualified to get into any deep sort of discussion regarding what the actual teachings of the Koran, mostly because I haven't read all the hadiths that accompany those teachings.

I do know that the most radical Islamists don't even know what the Koran actually says, as they've been taught by Mullahs who have political grievances they wish to address via violence, and run madrassas where the youngsters do NOT speak the language in which the book is written, learning to recite it only by rote, depending on these very same Mullahs for interpretation.

In many nations, these grievances are justified, American and western interests have done much damage to these countries down the decades, but this is in no way an excuse for the terroristic actions they chosen to bring attention to these wrongs.

But that doesn't change the fact that every year these Mullahs unleash even more radicalized young people who have NO CLUE in regards to the actual teachings of the Koran, nor do I think they'd really care even after they learn they've been misled.  They are full of hatred for what's already happened, and as I said before, I am of the opinion that some of that hatred is justified.

That being said, I hope we do limit and fully vet the Muslims who attempt to immigrate here, just as we limit and vet anyone else...from anywhere else.  Remember, my hubby and I have been through this process ourselves, and you can take comfort knowing that it IS extremely intense.

Let Europe deal with those hoardes at the gates.  We've got hoards of our own...at the southern border.

ALL Muslims are required to be in lock-step obedience to the local Mullahs...who are (for the most part, at least with regard to Jews and Christians) basing their decisions on the Islam base, the ORIGINAL KORAN, not the hadith after thoughts.  Yes, ALL Muslim peeps, whatever their origin, are misled, AND, must remain in lockstep obedience with the local evil Mullah...who is in lockstep with the high evil Mullahs in Iran...or they don't last long. All else is chaff as far as Muslim leadership is concerned unless it somehow supports their agenda of world domination via Koran's commands for eventual world domination by Islam.

1) For Muslims (ALL lock-step Muslims, and, they must all be lockstep Muslims) the USA is a target referred to by them as The Great Satan, and the last hold-out they will tackle with unrelenting abuse. 

2) Our Southern border is, legally, the open gteway to "An Attractive Nuisance", and our USA responsibility to guard ...if we (USA & and Western civilization) are to continue for much longer.

3)  Next border to be in contention?  Canadian border.  For Canada is rather full of Muslims...lock-step Muslims...who will take orders from IRAN via their local Mullahs.

I give-up.  It's futile to debate or discuss these matters with lock-step Christians like yourself, FedUp.  No disrespect intended but I don't enjoy that sort of thing, I am not here to convert or be converted to ANY particular faith even though I consider myself a believer in God.

I will call *no* faith or it's practioners evil.  I'd no more do that to the Muslims who have been kind to me than I would to the Baptists and Mormons and Catholics and Buddhists and Hindus and Jews who have done the same.

I am done with this conversation, though I am certainly open to others with you.


I give-up.  It's futile to debate or discuss these matters with lock-step Christians like yourself, FedUp.  No disrespect intended but I don't enjoy that sort of thing, I am not here to convert or be converted to ANY particular faith even though I consider myself a believer in God.

What? No! Just dialoging w/ you.

I will call *no* faith or it's practioners evil.  I'd no more do that to the Muslims who have been kind to me than I would to the Baptists and Mormons and Catholics and Buddhists and Hindus and Jews who have done the same.

Yep, we differ there...not the end of the world.

I am done with this conversation, though I am certainly open to others with you.

Thanks for allowing me to air my differences with you...   {#basic-smile.gif} ...

AND, thanks for airing yours!   {#basic-smile.gif} ...

Maybe we could talk about this ( ? ? ? ? )

Soooo...  You said: " No disrespect intended but I don't enjoy that sort of thing, I am not here to convert or be converted to ANY particular faith even though I consider myself a believer in God."

If I may say:  A lot of words mean something different to almost everyone; cultures abound supporting the differences in defining "God".  That is, "God" is one of those words that have 1000's of meanings.  I have spent a LOT of time trying to discover for myself who God is, what God wants, and, what that should mean to each and every person.

"... That is, "God" is one of those words that have 1000's of meanings.  I have spent a LOT of time trying to discover for myself who God is, what God wants, and, what that should mean to each and every person. "

But you see, David, here's the rub.  You feel you have discovered, as admitted, discovered for yourself who God is, what God wants, etc...

Yet the conclusion you've reached is that in doing so, you have also "discovered what that should mean to each and every person."

I believe in one God, but I do not believe it's a one-size-fits-all type of thing.  If the concept alone has thousands of meanings, maybe even millions, how can God, (in the same sentence even!) be limited to one, narrowly-defined-by-David meaning?

I take a hugely broader view, try these ideas on for size!

a) The moment one tries to define God in human terms one must necessarily then be defining a God with limits.  Our own limits of human understanding and limitations make it so.  One cannot conceive the inconceivable! 

b) All things serve the will of God.  And yes, that includes what average people would consider 'wicked' or 'evil.'

c) I also believe that if one believes in 'a' God (as opposed to polytheism) then one must, by default, believe in a good many things that are considered supernatural.  To believe otherwise seems silly to me, I don't think God, whatever it is, exists in an eternal space-time vacuum with nothing better to do than obsess over every little concern it's creations may have.

c) Belief is a tool for achieving effects, it is not the end-all, be-all result sought.  In the Christian traditon, one is told of Heaven and certain steps to be taken in order to be let into the club; if the belief in an afterlife of unspeakable joy causes you to be a better human being, to be kind and honest, loving and helpful, then that's a good effect! 

If, on the other hand, it turns one into a closed-minded, brow-beating, judgemental a-hole...well, those results don't speak well for the faith, the effects are 'not good.'

d) This sort of discussion makes my head hurt, lol, as I too have pondered these things for many decades, and read STACKS of books, talked to SCADS of people from many different walks of life...and found common themes through almost all of them.

The only conclusion I can come to after all that?  If all things serve the will of God, then all paths are valid, but they aren't all the same. 

But!  Since all concepts of God are within the limits of the human experience, none of them are entirely valid, though some are more interesting than others.


~goes to take an aspirin~

PS: You just had an interfaith dialogue and I bet it didn't hurt a bit.



Some asshole thing or person erased my post as I was about 80% done with it.

I am NOT going to try to recreate it.

Let's use some or all of: phone, skype, or at least use an email connection.

Don't ya just hate when that happens?

I rarely check my email, but we can continue this in PMs if you like.

Nah...  I don't trust Blogster.

You gonna send me nuclear secrets or something?  (smiles)


{#apprehensive.gif}   BTW, how'd you know?  {#apprehensive.gif}


Actually, Dear One... Part of what I was going to suggest is that face-to-face is the only fair way to diaglogue...so one or the other can't get away with what I call 'debate shinola'  ...either inadvertently, dumbly, or on purpose  {#basic-wink.gif}   ...you KNOW what I mean.

Wanna come to the Cleveland area?  I actually live east of there, almost to the PA border, but that's where you'd land if flying.

I really would like to travel to see some folks who are East of Oregon (almost all of those peeps are... incl you).  But I am hermit & stodgy & old codger who like his own food and his own bed.   ...there's a sales pitch for the rolling coach/home industry, huh? ...

Skype has been 'next best' occasionally, but just now I don't know where my camera got to.  Guess I could rummage around a bit...or buy a new one...

I wouldn't skype with anyone unless every hair were in place and my makeup tastefully done.  Since I rarely leave the house other than to visit my folks and take mom errand running, it would truly be a special effort, lol.

I'll ask the hubby about the possibility of a phone call.  He's not the jealous type, but he is the only human being I currently feel comfortable discussing matters of religion with.

He's a reformed Pentacostal.  By reformed I mean they'd call him a heretic and apostate if they knew what he was currently into, lol.  But man-o-man does he know his Bible!  Can beat any preacher I've ever known in regards to finding chapters and verse, AND unlike so many christians I know, he's got a deep understanding (and appreciation) of the OT.

You'd probably enjoy conversing with him more than me.

...Skype ...:  Vanity?  My invented quite: "Vanity, you destroyer of truth!"  {#basic-smile.gif}

PHONE:  I have free long-distance calling.  All I need is a# and a time to call.

"You'd probably enjoy conversing with him more than me. "  Maybe, but I know you a bit and we have a developing 'dialogue-relationship' {#basic-wink.gif}

Me?  I am a, what I call: "Reformed Modern Christian" and/or "Radical Christian", and/or Jesus-ite (hardly lock-step with "Christians"...BUT am lock-step with God ...inasmuch as I can bring myself to repent occasionally and get back on right tracks) ...to distinguish myself from both ancient and modern heretics/apostates.  That is, I reject the blind heresies and blind apostasies and blind sin-wrought stupidities of the Modern Christians...from whence I came, ...starting at age 40 when God seduced agnostic me to Born-Again...via a personal 'vision'/visitation, etc. 

The writing was on the wall for me early in my efforts to immerse in Modern Christianity, and, I have since joined and rejected about 25 Churches of varied but similar beliefs.

I have many sticking points about even a single Sunday service with them.  Here's a couple:

1)  All Christian fellowships (at least in my Portland, OR environs) are heretical/apostate/sinful.   BY my presence at their meetings I don't want anyone to mistake me for a whole-hearted believer in their shtick.  I have walked away from all of them while knocking their dust off my feet/shoes.

2.  I have confronted most all those 25 with their heresies and apostasies, and none (NONE) were willing to change one iota.  --AND, I cannot take 2 or more others with me to Biblically re-confront them BECAUSE THERE ARE NO Righteous peeps to be found who are in agreement with my solidly Biblical (without 'stretching' scripture!) foundations for my assertions.

3)  ALL modern Christianity/Churches are not wont to be in unity ...another BIG sin of sins...sins which keep them mostly powerless to serve the desires of their God's heart (desires/commands which can be easily found in His Words to us, say, in a decent English translation of The Bible).

Sad.  Their sinning/sinful cultures (and probably your husband's, too) (maybe yours, too), have immersed them all in errors which they tend to either mindlessly defend, or, they simply switch to some form of la-la religion.

Gotta go for now...

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