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Drain The Swamp...Drain The Swamp...Drain The Swamp...Drain The Swamp...

Added: Monday, May 23rd 2022 at 11:55am by FedUpToHere

Drain The Swamp Ted Noel
With a simple majority, Republicans can still get rid of the federal bureaucracy oppressing American life.

ANOTHER EXCERPT:   "The only way to drain a swamp is to fill it in. Let that sink in.

"When the swamp is made up of government bureaucracies, how do you fill it in? Believe it or not, there’s actually a way to make that happen. It’s just not something someone inside the Beltway is likely to dream up. But with enough allies in Congress, something good can happen. Just imagine if they looked at each Cabinet department by itself."






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ULTRA M!A G A ! ! !

About 45 seconds of President Trump...




Apocalyptic Global Food Crisis We Were Told To Prepare For Has Already Started In 2022 Washington Standard


Q U E S T I O N > > >

BTW, where does it say that US cannot defend our borders with deadlygunfire

That would put a stop to this whole invasion crappola...for good!

What do  Y O U   think?

Tell Me More

In 2008, Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin stated that Barack Obama's "indecision and moral equivalence" about Russia's invasion of Georgia is "the kind of response that would only encourage Russia's Putin to invade Ukraine next." When she said this, Foreign Policy, "one of the most credible names in international politics and global affairs," ridiculed her statement as "strange" and reported that "this is an extremely far-fetched scenario." In 2014, Russia invaded Ukraine, and despite repeated requests from the Ukrainian government, Obama and Joe Biden refused to provide them lethal weapons to defend themselves. This led Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to remark, "Blankets and night vision goggles are important, but one cannot win a war with a blanket." Within a year of taking office, President Trump approved the transfer of lethal weapons to Ukraine.



It's not "can't", it's Dems-Commies who "won't"

An empire that can't feed its babies is an empire in collapse

The American empire is in a state of accelerating collapse, and there's no turning it around. This once-great empire now cannot achieve the most basic of tasks that even isolated jungle tribes can still manage to do: feed their own babies.

Somehow, with all the high-tech dazzle, iPhones, high-frequency Wall Street trading, electric vehicles, space rockets and all the rest, America still can't figure out how to feed babies ... something that ancient homo sapiens have been doing for hundreds of thousands of years.

Get full details in today's feature podcast here.

P.S . We just posted a powerful new interview with Dr. Steven Hotze who talks about prepping and healing. Watch that video on my channel page on Brighteon: https://www.brighteon.com/channels/hrreport


Uvalde massacre was a planned stand down operation

It's now 100 percent clear that the Uvalde mass shooting was a "stand down operation," meaning law enforcement was deliberately ordered to stand down so that the massacre could take place. The goal? Gun control, of course.

We also have a story from the left-wing media outlet MSN, declaring, "Uvalde Police Officer Admits Cops Saved Their Own Kids From Robb Elementary Before Stopping Shooter".

The story gets even more insane as you dig into it.

See my full podcast coverage here.


Uvalde Shooting Timeline Tells Deadly Tale

Media miss: Pistol-packing woman neutralizes rifle-wielding 'active shooter' and saves countless lives May 29, 2022 The story doesn't fit well with the media's current "narrative." More


The problem with school shootings is societal May 29, 2022 Healthy kids come from homes with realistic boundaries and attentive, non-helicopter parents who balance liberty with responsibility.   More


“Ultra MAGA Country” – Trump Blasts Biden’s “Breathtaking Failures” at Wyoming Rally, Slams “America Last” Liz Cheney Read more


“Ultra MAGA Country” – Trump Blasts Biden’s “Breathtaking Failures” at Wyoming Rally, Slams “America Last” Liz Cheney Read more


Households Face Shocking Electric Bills This Summer

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