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Change The World? ... 1, and 2, and 3! – ... = Powerful Praying... ie: IICor 5...

Added: Friday, October 15th 2021 at 10:31am by FedUpToHere
Related Tags: god, prayer

FedUpToHere says: IICorinthians 5 is not the only scripture to support this view... Like IICor 5, there are many others that partly support it in their way...  For instance: "...you must be born-again...", "...pray for your enemies...", etc., and etc.


Imagine!  God won't be able to switch all these peeps from evil living & evil doings, but He'll move some (like He did me!), and that'll really make a difference in some lives and in some areas/regions, states, etc.  And, He may, indeed, move many evil-doers to anonymity ...or to whatever He sees might be better for we who desire less evils.


1. God, please forgive my sins and keep me reconciled to Your perfect desires,

2. Please, somehow, get and keep all born-agains repentant & re -reconciled to Your perfect desires,

3. Please, somehow, get all these people and groups reconciled or re -reconciled to Your perfect desires, or, somehow quickly remove them from being able to in any way be influencers of any evils:

(...in no particular order...)

All Democrats

All Republicans/Conservatives/RINO'S

All Socialists

All Marxists

All Communists

All Anarchists

All Muslims

All China Leaders

All Australian leaders

All USA Leaders of/at every level

All Born-Agains and their Leaders of every kind

All Parents and all other Teachers/Professors of every variety

All Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Spoiled Brats

All my Relatives,

All my Friends/Acquaintances,

All People in my City, County, Region & State,

All People in every Blue State,

All Medical & Education "Doctors" & "Scientists" & all workers in Medicine and in science,


Y O U   might want to, specifically, add somemore...



User Comments

1% Control The World.

4% Are Their Puppets.

90% Are Asleep


5% Know And Try To

Wake The 90%


The 1% Use The 4% To

Prevent the 5% From

Waking Up the 90%

It's the top 1% of the top 1%.


You are prolly correct. But...

There's no PM's anymore so... A message I have to give myself is also this smaeone to you, ...in kindness...  Try not to be so literal...you often come across as critical/combative.

If you reply to this in a crappy way I'll begin censoring/deleting your comments here at my blog.

I forgot to add, specifically:

............................................"All the Evil-making  Elitists"

Add Atheists, The Indecisive, and Procrastinators...

Happy Friday!!

Yes! Good ones!!

Anarchists does not belong there without clarification. What you're looking for in this context is Anarcho Communism. Many Anarchists are among the most peaceful people you'll ever meet.

It would be like me saying all Catholics are pedo, which would be wrong.


I still think God wants ALL Anarchists to be reconciled to His desires.

{#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} Prayer is the answer, every time!


I agree...Further, I think prayer from both love of God and of people in general & from clean logic is always right-on.

I think this prayer is rarely specific about some important things and thereby smarter than some, and thereby, more effective than some.

That's why I prayed for me to be clean in #1, and for all born-agains to be clean in #2, then etc....

Dear Friend,

The one thing our members at CITIZENS FOR FREE SPEECH

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Our Volunteer program is designed to do just that. We invite you to learn more at a series of CFFS Volunteer Connect virtual events we have planned this fall. 

The networking events will be organized by time zones: Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific. Alaska and Hawaii members are invited to join the Pacific region meet-up.

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We look forward to meeting you!  

For Liberty, Patrick Wood

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CFFS Deputy Director

A nice reply I got from a prayer team to whom I sent a copy of this post's praying stuff...


Hi D.,
Thank you for sharing your prayer request with us, and for the privilege of praying with you - as we lift up all those who know and love Jesus, and also those who we want to share His love with ... we pray, as you say, to be humble, powerful, and effective servants as we share the love of Jesus with others, and pray them into a saving relationship with Him ...
--God bless you D, for having a heart of love for others ... may we share God's love with a hurting and troubled world ...
Blessings to you -- Sue   Hope Channel Australia  



“Liberty is the right to choose. Freedom is the result of the right choice.”

— Jules Renard


Just DO it...


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