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I'm a winner!

Added: Monday, September 16th 2013 at 8:53am by Diabloe76

I just received this incredible email and can hardly wait to get my money.😳


Your email address won in the first category of the SUPER LOTTERY 2013.  
This is 2013 Internet Game in which e-mail addresses were used and first of its kind. You did not purchase any ticket to enter for it, as an internet user your email address was randomly selected and you are one of the Selected Winners among 10 winners worldwide. 

908 978 40 are your winning numbers, Your Reference is SUPERLTTRY/ZA and your Batch Numbers are 34 78 767.
The numbers fall within AMERICA,EUROPE,ASIA and OCEANIC (AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND) Location file,  

AMOUNT WON: $2,500,000.00. 

For more information please Contact the Lottery supervisor (Mr. Steve Tambo)  with your winning details. 
Mr. Steve Tambo Email:  lttry_supervisor@yahoo.com.ph

Yours Truly,
Mrs Margaret Johnson
Online Lottery Coordinator

User Comments

Do you believe it? I mean is it legit?  If so colngrats to you!!!

LOL, nope I won't even click the links on this scam.

I am too naive!!  lol

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner !!!! 

Philippine email address? There isn't 2-1/2 million in all of the Philippines.

No address, it just says Lottery 2013 on address.


the .ph is Philippines.

Whoa!!{#basic-ohsnap.gif} Could ya float me a loan?? {#help.gif} I'll pay ya back..{#flag.gif} someday...{#bag-on-head.gif}

If you send me 1000 dollars to cover handling I will gladly share 500,000 with you.😛

Yipppppeeeeee!Smiley   HOpe you're going to share with all of us!!!!

Sure, same offer I made to Jillian.😜



best call and find out how big a check you have to write for your winnings.


Oh ya, handling fees.


Or maybe they just need my credit card or bank account info and password so the prize money can be transferred immediately.

I thought my Yahoo acct was closed - but I'm a WINNER TOO!!!!!!!! There is hope for the hopeless, yeah right.
Im a winner too! Haha thanks for sharing so no one gets scammed!
Lol I'm a winner to . Does this mean we have to share ..
I got an email from same email address

Yup, probably with 5 billion others

Same here just go an email that iwin 😝 im rich 😜😜😜

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