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AMOD: Trump Sounds Pure Bat Shit Crazy in his first Post Election Interview!!! Trump has not submitted any Proof of Fraud in any Court Case!

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Added: Sunday, November 29th 2020 at 5:46pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
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Whether the Trumpist in the Nation believe it or not, we are a nation of laws.  When you go into Court it is not what you feel or what you think that matters, its only what you can prove!!  Trump lost his case in PA. this pass weekend only because his lawyers failed to present any proof of Fraud or Wrong Doing!  He also failed in the Wisconsin Recount that was conducted this weekend!  As a matter of fact Biden gaine 837 Votes in the recount!

President Trump has lost this Election Fair and Square and no senseless ranting on his part seems to be able to change any of that!

So here he comes on FOX News today:

In his first television interview since the Nov. 3 election, President Trump suggested Sunday that he will never accept his loss to Democrat Joe Biden and continued to fling baseless accusations of election fraud.

“My mind will not change in six months,” Trump told host Maria Bartiromo by telephone on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures.” “There was tremendous cheating here.”

Biden won the presidential race with 306 electoral votes — the same number Trump had four years ago in what he and his aides described at the time as a landslide.

Biden’s victory was further solidified Sunday as the Wisconsin recount confirmed that he had bested Trump in the key swing state by more than 20,000 votes. The president and his legal team also have failed in court challenge after court challenge as they have sought to overturn the results in various states.

Trump: ‘It’s going to be a very hard thing to concede’

President Trump on Nov. 26 said that he would leave the White House if the electoral college voted for President-elect Joe Biden next month. (The Washington Post)

In the Sunday interview, Trump said he is “going to use 125 percent of my energy” to continue to contest the results through the courts and signaled that he would be open to having a special counsel investigate the election. Any such appointment would be made by Attorney General William P. Barr.


So let's get this straight...Trump is going to ask the Attorney General to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate voter Fraud when no proof has been submitted in over 30 Court cases offered by the Trump Campaign?  If there was proof of Voter Fraud why not submit it now??  You know why, because there is not proof!!

Then there was this insanity from the same article:

Ahead of the runoff elections in Georgia on Jan. 5 — which will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate — Trump renewed his criticism of Republican officials in the state, including Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, for not supporting his baseless fraud claims.

“The governor’s done nothing. He has done absolutely nothing. I’m ashamed that I endorsed him,” Trump said of Kemp. Republicans are aiming to turn out GOP voters to lift Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.) to victory in a state that Biden won this month, but those efforts could be made harder by the president’s persistent claims that voters should not trust that their votes will be counted.

These Officials in Georgia are loyal Republicans who voted for him and look at how he is throwing them under the bus for just telling the truth!!!

There is no other explanation for this kind of behavior other than to describe Trump for what he is, a Selfish Bat Shit Crazy Egotist and January 20th can not come fast enough!!!


User Comments

trump is like the 6 year old on the school play ground who yells bloodly murder and refuses to accept that he is tagged during a game of hide and seek.  Unless things go his way, he claims that there was foul play involved.  He will try to take this case to the Supreme Court despite the fact that there is no provable cases of cheating.  The Supreme Court would have to throw it out unless there is considerable evidence found which so far has not been found by any lower court. That should doesn't sound very likely to me.

But I think his attacks on Kemp are very telling.  What is telling is that trump will turn on anybody that doesn't give him exactly what he wants when he wants it.  Remember, Kemp was the man that trump pushed forward for Governor of Florida.  Kemp is also the man who, when N Carolina realized that having a huge precaution free convention in their state was something they were unwilling to committ to, volunteered his state for that distinction, although the Covid-19 Pandemic was in the uptick in several cities, including Miami.

So, now he has turned on Kemp, one of the reliablle supporters, and some of us would say rubber-stamp that trump has.  And by the way, aren't Loeffler and Perdue two of the three that were suspected STRONGLY, of insider trading due to their knowledge of the Covid caused financial issues?  The investigation was stopped by the DOJ....trump's DOJ.

Thoughts and facts to consider.  {#basic-cool.gif}

Yes both Perdue and Loeffler are the inside traders....but that of course makes them good guys in Trumps eyes...until they don't kiss his butt!!{#basic-cool.gif}


Exactly...but it speaks to how I HOPE and PRAY the Georgia election goes.

Gee, Trump sounds like .... why Hilary Clinton and the entire Democratic House and Senate after the 2016 race where Russian Collusion was fabricated to try to overturn the election. Of course you forget that, Putz.

You are an idiot!!  It has nothing to do with Hillary why can't you Trumpist realize that!!!

And the Senate was not Democratic in 2016!!!  

Hilliary was a waste....and no one attempted to overturn the 2016 Election!!  Trump is a Con Man and a crook.....he was Impeached and should have been removed from Office!!

I am sick and tired of being polite to people like you....who worship at the alter of stupidity!!  You place this man over your country and that is shameful!

He cares nothing for the average American....only thing he cares about is his own self! {#basic-cool.gif}


I understand he also insulted the Fox daytime news shows among others!!

Yes he did!!

He even said that the FBI and DOJ had a role in the Rigging of the Election!!

What kind of crazy "Sh**" is that????{#basic-laugh.gif}{#basic-laugh.gif}

W#hat's crazier is reading his followers here who believe everything he says!!

I have to disagree profoundly. I have some experience with bats, and I've never come across any that were remotely as "gone" as DT seems to be. Though I believe that some bats describe the dafter bats as Trump Shit Crazy.



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