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riadehne10 CREATIVE14

AMOD: Can Someone Please Explain to me what is a "Legal Vote"??

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, November 19th 2020 at 10:52pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: elections


Over the last several days I have heard a number of Officials say that we should count all "Legal Votes"!!

I would seriously like someone to provide me with the definition of a "Legal Vote"!

Now before you attempt to enlighten me, you should remember that Election Laws differ from State to State and in some instances District to District....therefore what might be acceptable in one area might not be acceptable in another. 

Example....in California and Utah all voting is by mail.  They have set procedures for when Ballots must be in for them to count.  Here in Maryland we had a Hybrid for the first time and you could vote by Mail or in person.  They started counting Mail-In Ballots before Election Day and there was only one enevelope that had to be signed (not two like in some States).

With all of these varied rules I ask again, What is a Legal Vote??


User Comments

My definition would simply be a vote that was made within the guidelines of the location the vote took place in.  If in California or Utal, by mail within the precedure set out by the election commission.  The same in the other states hybrid, in person or however it is allowed.  By the way, Louisiana has at least a week of early.  If I vote, as I do, in that two week period, my vote is legal.

The only "illegal vote" would be done in a way contrary to the regulations of the location or using a fake name.  But then that doesn't happen as much as some seem to think and hope it does so that one side is more likely to "win".


For the sake of argument SFTL according to your definition that as long as I follow the guidelines of my local jurisdiction, my vote is Legal.

Whe determines those local guidelines.....do you know?{#basic-cool.gif}

I can only respond to that by saying "one person, one vote" snd the laws regarding voting set up by the location.  Not sure exactly what you are wanting here.

Sorry meant to say who determines those guidelines.....but you answered it when you said set up by the location!{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Ok, thanks.

Not hard = 1vote counted for each legal adult citizen as that person chose for themselves. Not this crap of dead people voting and some being counted twice and other thrown out if it didn't meet the choice of the ones counting the votes be it done by humans or machines. It's not rocket science. The Constitution of this country states it quite cleary so lest not try and make some complicated  issue of  what is cut and dried logic. 

Okay....so a mail in vote in Detroit is a legal vote according to your definition am I not correct?

A mail in vote in Philly according to your definition is a legal vote...correct?

The woman who was accused by the Trump Team of being dead who lived in Georgia and answered her door when the reporter knocked, according to your definition is a legal vote....correct?

So please provide me with proof of all the dead people that you reference in your response....because as of last night the Trump Lawyers have not been able to provide any proof at all!

As a matter of fact the Trump Lawyers have not argued in Court one single instance of Voter Fraud, not one!!!

Ga just did and audit of their 5 Million Votes and determined that all systems functioned correctly!  Meaning according to your definition all 5 Million were legal votes....correct?

Trumps own appointed DHS Cyber Expert (the guy he fired) posted after the Election that there was no malfunction as it relates to voting machines....so according to that and your definition, the 80 Million Votes for Biden were Legal Votes...correct?

So why are people still talking about Counting Legal Votes??????

Help me understand....I am still confused as apparently are a lot of other people who seem to believe by their statements that we still have "Legal Votes" to count!{#basic-cool.gif}

every state allowed mail ins from what Logic says due to Militry...and working out fo state...........They prob here is mail ins were being falcified via using old lists of those that had died.. also using one name more than once.. It is not the voters doing this it is the election commitee people.. Also this has existed for yrs now so Trump had all the legal forms done by a US company and watermarked that can be detected by the machines or blacklight. There's were sent to each district for each registered voter.... PROBLEM Fake ballots were made overseas and mailed from the USPS and this is the False Vote they are not registered or registered twice of dead..  The PO was outed as dumping some mailins... and the machines were tampered with...all computerized so tampering doesn't have to be on site it is a program that was removing R votes and giving them to D when the #of votes reached 6000. This can be changed from outside sources in the voting macines as the company that made machines and programs explained. (irony is Polosi and some one else had mates and family in top executive possitions even Part ownership of the machine companies...This crap has been going on for yrs remember Jeb Bush when Gov.of FLA rigged the election for GeoBush and was cought..Obama & Gore too

oops  Obama MaCain and Gore elections ....Irony Obama & MaCain it didnt matter as they were both in with ISIS terrorist plans. THIS GOV as a whole is corrupt it is what Trump is trying to stop when he says Drain the Swamp.. cause JFK and JFKjr were killed from inside cause they tried to out all this and my info says the CIA mastermined those deaths and was behind attempts on Trump (last I heard 27attempts on his life before he took office. This isn't conspiracy it is whistleblower info and is published in books written by X Hi ranking military and those in FBI CIA NSA..and Secret Gov and Secret Space people. Trumps biggest problem is those in his own staff that are working for Deep Space and sabatage, this is fact not heresay. (CIA took our JFK FACT=BushSr was head of it and is one of the 13 Illumaniti/NWO families against the gov of We The People) And no Oswald did not shoot JFK he was a patsy and was a double double agent and his defecting after being a Marine was all part of the doubling game to deceive.

Sorry AKK...but you can not provide legal proof of anything you have stated here!!

The Trump Admin has not been able to present any of this stuff in Court....and there is a very good reason why, that is because Proof is required when you present something in Court.  To present something that you cannot prove is illegal, what you believe to be true is not sufficient, hell I can believe that the moon is made of Green Cheese but if I cannot prove it in Court, it is meaningless!

I all I asking for is verifiable PROOF!!  Everything else is meaningless.  If you can direct me to Proof of any of the things you have mentioned I will applaud you and do a Post to that effect!

So please help me....prove me the verified Proof of what you have stated!{#basic-cool.gif}

THIS IS A NATIONAL ELECTION how stupid is it to think States  get to set their individual rules.....   You asked for information I gave it now get off your lazy ass and go do your own research like I have......I own you nothing including proof you asked for information ......you got it......{#grr.gif}

AKK....you seem to miss the point, that State Elections were taking place at the same time!!!  

You are getting mad and calling people names when you clearly do not know how elections are held here in your own Country!!

You clearly do not owe me anything....but you do owe yourself something and that is a better knowledge of how elections work in America.  Because without that knowledge you allow yourself to be a victim to the ignorance that is clearly going on!

You deserve better!  Thanks for the dialogue!{#basic-laugh.gif}

 .. their has been NO major controversy about state election candidates nationally it is not an issue that I have been made aware of unless it's been confined to just that local state..What states can do with local voting is up to them... but it is illegal to change the rules without federal approval when it come to Presidential... this according to legal channels must be adheared to via the constitution.. THIS is what I replied to as it is what I've heard from federal sources on video reports  from the legal sources involved in  investigating.. THIS is what I responded to not seprate state issues. very few citizens have read the rulings so how can you say I'm any more a victim than you out of ignorance if your asking this.  At least I have listened to hundreds of the videos concerning the Presidential issues that are posted daily in video from the actual legal sources ... not news opinions.

How can you expect any one provide legal proof ?...    all we can do is listen to what the Attorny's are saying first hand in video reports until this goes thought the court system. Don't ask for something for us that is not possible yet. 

AKK...what I am trying to explain to you is that all elections.....are controlled by local election boards....even elections for President!!   The Federal Government has no control over elections....none!!

All of the legal cases so far except for 1 have been thrown out of court....because they lack evidence.  Guilliani has even stated in the PA case that it was not a fraud case!!  

The only two cases of voter fraud identified so far in PA have been two cases of Republican voter fraud and those individuals are being prosecuted!

As far as legal proof....judges expect legal proof to be provided in court.  Even Tucker Carlson has complained that Guilianni and crew have refused to provide him with proof of their accusations and he has asked them over and over again!   And that is Tucker Carlson!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

why the hell then if you know all this are you asking others ???? so you can tell us you know it all and fell superior...............HONESTLY{#exlamation.gif}

No....it has nothing to do with feeling Superior....it has to do with trying to understand why other people say and do the things that they say and do.  Its about trying to understand.  It's about trying to help other people.  If you see someone heading in the wrong direction on a one way street....you first ask them whether they know its one way, then you try to help them!

You will often find that some people do not want to be helped....then there are others who just don't know!  You try to help those that just don't know!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Geez!!!  {#basic-cool.gif}


Well, I would think the person voting would have to be:

1. alive (very important)

2. of sound mind and intellectually competent

3. a legal citizen

4. of legal voting age and

5. not a convict.

Also that he would have to get his vote in ON TIME for it to be considered "legal." 

Oh, yes, and one more thing -- registered to vote. 

Amala believe it or not....only four of your list are needed to qualify as a legal Voter in the State of Florida (not  counting registered voter which is a given {#basic-laugh.gif}).  In Florida you only need to have #1,3,4 and #5.  The guideline says nothing about sound mind. {#basic-laugh.gif}  Now Convict is debateable....do you mean in jail or previously in jail?

Now in Maryland three of your list meet the criteria of legal. #1, 3, and 4.  I will double check but I do not believe Convicts or returning citizens can vote here!

See how complex this question can really be!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Also=====the illegal thing states did is change the mailin rules on their own last minute when all this must be approved from the TOP.....the times they had to be mailed or received by the means etc was all part of the plan to distroy any appropriate vote counting.  THe Original Election Standard in each state is what is correct not these they changed last minute...

If the State Legislatures passed the rule that Mail In Ballots would be allowed, then the process was not illegal!!  It is the State and local jurisdictions that set the rules, not the Fedeeral Government!{#basic-cool.gif}

State Legislatures have the right to make last minute changes!  You are aware of something called the 10th Amendment that gives them that right?

{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif} Don't you know accordign to AK if it is a Republican voting it is legal if a Democrat it is illegal--as simple as that!!

I am beginning to understand that!!!{#basic-cool.gif}

it's like arguing with a brick!!! why do you even bother???

Maria I am still amazed at how little these so called patriots know about how our government is suppose to work!!  I can now see how it is so easy to confuse them with all of this conspiracy stuff!

It's just amazing and sad!!{#basic-frown.gif}

Yanno you'd think they might consult your legal code but a melty lawyer who yells rather than produces evidence is so much more them. 

Scarly it is so insane!!!

I am having a discussion with one person who does not understand that Elections in this country are not controlled by the Federal Government when in the very next breath they are complaining because the State Secretary of State is ceritifying an election!!!  Go figure!{#a-little-birdy.gif}{#a-little-birdy.gif}{#a-little-birdy.gif}

Yeah look I've tried to talk to these people and I have no tips they are mental and uninformed seems to be a badge of honour for them. 

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