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A Moderate Point of View: One more Time on Why the Whistle blower is of No Importance! Revealing him will not Prevent Trumps Impeachment!!

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, November 7th 2019 at 1:28pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
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Okay, let me try this again, as it is apparent that some people just do not get it.  And then again, there are others (Don Jr., Bannon etc.) who know better, but also know that there are some really good people out here who do not understand the process and who blindly trust them!  Let me give you an example of what I am saying about the Whistle blower and his/her lack of importance:

As an Instructor at a Private Residential School for Girls in Owens Mill, Md. we had a problem with somebody slipping boys onto Campus after lights out.  As Staff we would rotate night duty from time to time.  Each Building had security doors and we had Surveillance on most areas.  But still from time to time the guys would get in and often be caught leaving Campus.

We had a student come to us one day and say that the way the guys were getting in is that someone would place Bubble Gum over the "Security Key" of the door locking devise, which means the door alert would not go off when it opened.  She informed us that this was normally done on Wednseday nights when the staff person who was responsible for covering campus at that time would slip off to "Bible Study" at a local Church.  Guys would slip onto campus at that time...hide in the rooms and would leave by the designated doors after midnight.  Surveillance would not detect their departure because no one was alerted.  Again we would see their Cars departing, but not know which building they came from.

One day two roommates got into a fight about something unrelated and one of the girls in anger shouted out for all to hear that she was not going to place gum on the back door of Building #4 for anyone any more!  Bingo, problem solved.  Guess what, she confessed to tampering with the Security devise and doing it for other people.  Even if she did not personally perform the act....she confirmed the information we had received from the other student.  A simple adjustment to security procedures on the part of the night staff to redirect Surveillance to Building #4 as well as checking that back door on Wednesday evenings and our problem was corrected.  

The young lady in question was expelled along with her roommate and any others confessed to sneaking boys into the dorms.  We never had to reference the information from the first student, because the individuals directly involved told on themselves.

Now this is a rather simplistic breakdown of what has actually happened with the Whistleblower.  The Whistle Blower lodged a "Complaint"!!!  By law the DNI Inspector General had to look into the "Complaint".  By law he was required to forward the "Complaint" if he found it "Urgent and Credible".  

Most important....and I cannot state this enough, by law, all of this had to be done in "Secret"!!!  Once the Whitehouse committed the unforced error of releasing the infamous "Transcript of the Ukraine Phonecall"......nothing the Whistle Blower said was of importance from that point.  The Whitehouse with that so called Transcript gave the Democrats everything they needed to push forward with Impeachment!

They told on themselves!!!!  Take a close look at the narrative coming from the House....everything that will appear in the ultimate Articles of Impeachment will find its basis in that "Phone Call"!!   They do not need the Whistle Blower......they have the President in his own words!   As I have said before....whoever advised the President to release that Transcript should be blamed for this Impeachment process.......and yes, Donald Trump will be impeached!

User Comments

Will he be removed from office though?

No I do not believe Trump will be removed from office!

If the charges against him can be supported with more facts, the best the Senate will do is "Censure".... which they can do!{#basic-laugh.gif}

I understand what you are saying , but I thought it was a law that the accused is told to his/her accuser is.

You are 100% correct wendi.....but what is that the Whistle Blower Accused the President of doing?  If you remember when the Complaint was possessed by the IG, the IG sent it to the DOJ and the DOJ came back and said they saw no Criminal Activity!  That for all practical purposes killed the "Complaint"!

The White House then released that so called Transcript!  Schiff and the House are pursueing things revealed in the Transcript.  The President will get a chance to confront his accusers at the trial in the Senate.  He will get to see them in public for the first time next week!  Its those people, not the Whistle Blower who are accusing the President of wrong doing!  

But under the law the "Grand Jury" is always done in private....and the House Impeachment proceedings is nothing more than a Grand Jury!

If the White House does not release the transcript....those folks don't come forward and there is not Grand Jury!{#basic-laugh.gif}

WOW..........  there is a lot to this. Thanks for explaining.

From my distant point of view. The President seems to perform at a cluster fuck level at best.

His arrogance and vanity make it inevitable that he will screw up fatally in the end.

But, its a real shame that the Dems can't seem to muster a quality candidate to replace his sorry ass.

Good to know that the young people were eventually confounded on your watch. I don't really mean that. But you had a job to do. 

But young love scintellates in perhaps no other love might.

Oakie I totally agree on the Dems!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

On the young kids at that school, it wa something to behold!!!!{#basic-ohsnap.gif}{#basic-ohsnap.gif}

We would see these cars departing and not have a clue as to where they were coming from.  We would check surveillance and everything would be okay.  We never had record of them coming...but always seemed to see them going!

Of course when the females staff had night duty they could enter rooms....we could not...and Wednesdays was always a non-female staff night!

The Bubble Gum was just pure genius!!  Tape could be seen and the lanser light signal would pass through clear tap, but Bubble gum!!!  Like I said, just pure genius!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Yeah! Love the bubble gum genius.

You are a good and moral man. But teens will be teens.

I hope you are right that he will be impeached.  Then even if the republicans in the Senate circle their wagons and don't make him pay the price for this misuee of power, the House will have done their job.

I am glad that somebody finally acted on this...it certainly took long enough.

It's the same thing Biden did when he was vice president. He not only did it, he bragged about it. So get down off that high horse before you fall off of it. 

Amala.  You ride the sturdiests of stubborn beasts.

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