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A Moderate Point of View: It is now time for Joe Bidden to Withdraw his Candidacy, Hillary to Shut her Mouth, and the Dems to Get a Life!!!!

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, October 20th 2019 at 2:05pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: elections


It's time for all those Democrats out there who think that things look good for them in 2020 to wake up and smell the Coffee!!  You think Donald Trump is screwed up, and he is....but guess what, some of you are worse!!

Let's first start with Joe Bidden!  Bidden is properly the one Democratic Candidate who could reestablish faith in government.  He has enough clout overseas based upon years of International interaction to gain back a bit of the creditability that we have lost over the last 3 years!  He clearly understand how "our" government is supposed to work, and there is a reasonable chance that he would work across the aisle enough to cut down on the dysfunction.  But with all that being said, because of this mess with his son Hunter....he needs to do the country a favor and end his candidacy!

Right now he has allowed Trump and his supporters to turn our election process into a "Clown Show" and for the sack of our country he should just say, I am not willing to play! For those of you who say he would be cutting and running or admitting that he and his son did something wrong....I say, its not about his ego, its about the dignity of our election process.  Those who are "willing to burn the country down so that they can rule the ashes", cannot be allowed to use you as timber!

Hillary did that very thing in 2016!  She knew the baggage she carried into that election as a result of the Benghazi Mess, but her ego would not allow her to step aside and the Democrats did not have the courage to take that thing to an open convention and draft Biden who in 2016 would have beaten Trump!  Hillary ofcourse believes that she entitled to the Presidency which is why she cannot help but stick her mouth into to everything every chance she gets.  She seems to have little to no awareness that she is rather badly liked!  She needs to go sit down somewhere!

And please....do not talk to me about Warren or Sanders!  People, this country will never elect anyone with Socialist tendencies and Sanders and Warren both have them!  Plus neither has bothered to explain how they would manage the Executive Branch which is what you want the President to do!  What kind of Cabinet would they pick?  How would they manage Foreign Policy? How long will their coat tails be as far as Senate and House elections?  Democrats need to think with their heads and not their ego's and hearts!

By the way...please do not mention Mayor Pete either!!  America is not ready for a Openly Gay President!  The Religous Right is just not going to go for it!

When President Trump gets Impeached and if he is Convicted and removed, I still do not see one person on the list of Democrats who could beat Pence in a general election!  And heaven forbid there is an open Convention for the Republicans and a Kasich or even for that matter Romney suddenly head a Republican ticket....the Democrats will loose both the House and Senate!

Dems your only hope is that Trump is still on the Republican ticket....which will drive anti-trump voter turnout, because as of right now...you do not have a decent candidate who would be ready on day one to lead this country!  You need to get a life and in a hurry!

User Comments

If he gets convicted. LMAO. Like that is going to happen. The real indicators and non-partisan commentators show the Republicans will get a landslide in 2020. The only issue will be is the Democrats can hang on to enough to even reconstitute. Americans are increasingly fed up with identity politics. 

And that landslide is WITH Trump as the candidate.

Not sure the indicators you are looking at Ken.....but you also don't have alot of faith in the average American!

Trump is not the Savior...and in the end, his tendency to think that he is the only one that can save America is going to be his undoing!

All it takes is 20 Senators to vote to Convict....and his conduct lately does not guarantee that you can't find 20!  All it takes is for them to believe that they can win with Pence!

Democrats have no candidate....but the number people who are beginning to be feed up with Trumps BS is growing!{#basic-cool.gif}

Actually, it takes 66 senators to convict, 2/3 of the Senate. However, this is one of your posts tht I actually almost agree with! As to polls, according to the polsters, Hillary is our president now! SHOCK!

Its a god awful damned affair!

(That's my default response to any of your blogs that I don't know enough about to comment).

Even though you explain things so well each time. But not watching US news/US fake news, its too much of a stretch for me sometimes.

I learnt from the best, how to filibuster.


One stock response that works every time.


I'm embarrassed. My worst response ever!

(Still pretty good compared to some though) {#basic-halo.gif}

Oakie that is what I would call a classic English reply!!!!{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}

Its understandable.....I am sometimes speechless at what I am seeing and hearing these days!

It defies all reason. Merica is a New York pizza that got spilt on the floor, and the ginger boss still wants to serve it up as fair custom.

It must be sooooo hard for a Republican, who has serious Liberal tendencies to cope with the constant clustefucks of this current regime.

But your blog tonight seems absolutely valid. The Dems haven't done themselves any favours since Obama, and Obama himself presided over foreign policies that might not be percieved as humanistic or unimperialistic. And so no new phase.

Being the president is no cake walk. Though its probably better than being a field slave or a camp jew.

Doctor King talked about people being judged by their character rather than their skin. I learnt that truth aged six. When my mother scolded me for pointing out that a person that I saw in the street looked different to anyone else I had ever seen. A curious, non-evil child might well do that. But I was scolded non the less. Thank goodness!

Mom was harsh, but right. Unfair. But ultimately, she gave me the gift of never, ever judging a person on the basis of some so-called obvious difference.

Shame my dad's converted her to hate Muslims these days. My whole family are doin' what most whites are doing in the UK these days. Repeating the mass bigorty against Jews in the form of mass bigotry against Muslims. My family is educated and talented. My dad came from super poor and became a millionaire. He's a better man than I for that, big time. But he hates and I don't! And I didn't get my lack of hate from him. 

Had I followed him, I'd talk the same shite as my brother, the geologist, bigot! If it ain't granite and white he gets all kind of pissed off.

Too many whites in the world are Eric Cartmens.

But American Christianity, stems from Martin Luther, some German guy. And I'm sure its no coincidence that doctor King had those names, or a pioneering black guy in the UK in the late 70s was called Luther Blisset.

What a humble, brave and heroic individual he was. He played at a soccer match I attendend when a Manchester United fan. And it was disgusting the way he was treated by everyone around me. I felt scared. I thought of Nuremburg rallies. Even black individuals in the crowd were abusing this teenage lad. Some of the white lads even reached out to them to let them know it "was nothing personal!" and one black lad returned "I'm not a black, I'm a RED (UNited's colour). and a fair few (guilty) whites cheered the guy for letting them off the hook. What a savage ballet.

Working at a well placed hotel a couple of decades later Luther Blisset brought his Watford team over. He was within a few feet of me, and, even though things had changed for all of us in English football, though not enough, I wanted to pay tribute to him for his personal sacrifices and bravery. That was my urge.

But I left off. Why bring back the memories of a much worse time, no matter how poetically I phrased my respect for him?

Though now I think, the more someone declares for your side, the more reinforced you might become.

I don't know.

Racism is humanities most consistent failing and its greatest cowardice.

And dim fuck can be a racist.

But it takes something phenomenal to produce a world class human being.

Don't know how you are feeling Amod, these days, but I look back on  my past so often and regret powerfully things that were probably not that big a deal. But they make me feel a dick. 

But I've always liked people. 


Oakie you might not realize it but you just wrote a very profound comment!{#apploud.gif}

Why does it take so much these days to produce that class individual???  It drives me crazy on a daily basis thinking about the answer to that question.

Susan Rice, Obama's NSA made a comment the other night....she said that our enemies in the world have discovered our greatest weakness and are probably going to defeat us because of it.  That weakness is our division....our bias towards each other.  Some people woud refer to that as racism...but it is simple bias!

We never wanted to deal with that issue....its causes and it wasn't slavery....and it was finally exploited by an asshole like Trump!  When he started that birther thing against Obama.....the world was shocked that it caught traction...but I wasn't!

On Tumblr I use Thomas-Alexandre Dumas as my Avatar.  He was a Black General who served in the Army of Napoleon.  He was the father of Alexandre Dumas the author of the "Three Musketeers".  You would never believe how difficult it is to convince people that Napoleon had a black General or that his son wrote the Three Musketeers.  Some will say, so what?  Others will say, you are lying!!  Still others will say, he was no big deal.

I mention this because....the fact that we still in this day and time need to even debate this kind of stuff is just plain crazy.  It like discussing with some of these people around here about what is right and what is wrong!

If its my wrong and your right...than that is okay, but if its my right and your wrong, that is not okay!  It is hard to get across to folks that its just right or wrong!

For years here....all the way back to 2008 I have agrued that America was not ready for a Black President.....it would require was to confront things that we were not ready to confront.  When I would argue with people that Black folks were not going to vote for Obama just because he was black...people called me names and said I was lying!

Even Bill Clinton showed his true colors when he made his famous Jesse Jackson statement before the South Carolina Primary in 2008....it was the statement that actually gained Obama the Black vote and cost Hillary the Primary.

In short, what I am saying is that Trump is a portion of White America saying...you people got Obama and Trump is our man.  You voted for Obama because he was black.....he did not deserves it....so we are voting for Trump because he is white and he deserves it.  We are righting that wrong!

It's dangerous, shameful and actually could lead to the destruction of our Republic as we know it!

Sorry for the rant!{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}


You may be right, but personally, i assure you, i will vote for whoever the alternative to the crook-in-chief is.  And you just may be under-estimating the disgust of those of us who hate what trump has done to our country...and who don't see the word "socialism' when tied to democratic as the worst thing.

In many ways, I see democratic socilism as the philosophy that just might save us from slavery to the oligarhy.

SFTL....unfortuately its just not going to fly!!

Remember its the Electoral College that elects Presidents!

Now the Trump people fail to understand that they only won the election because of 77,000 votes spread over 3 States....but the Democrats also fail to realize that only certain kind of Candidates play in those states!

The DNC is seeding Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio to the Republicans right now by not spending large somes of money there....and they will seed Pennslyvania if Biden is not running.....so how do they win the Presidency?

They don't!{#basic-cool.gif}

Time will tell..for our countries sake, I hope we can get rid of trump before 2025 or our country is done for, in my not so humble opinon,.....mortally, at least.


for the sack of our country he should just say, I am not willing to play! 

Haha. Well, you're not wrong:)

"Moderate" is not a word I would use to describe you and your political views. You blow hot and you blow cold but always just out of reach of being a moderate commentator. 

Well that's what a true Moderate is......hot and cold to both sides!{#basic-laugh.gif}

The thing is, I've noticed you've been leaning more to the Left lately and criticizing the Right more than usual. So if I had to guess I'd say if you aren't one already you're well on your way to becoming a full-fledged Leftie. 

No Amala I am criticizing Trump!!  Now if you want to call me an Anti-Trumper than you would be right on!!

Trump is no Republican in the normal sense of the word and he dog gone sure is not a Conservative!  He admits it himself.....remember he calls himself a "Nationalist"!

Now I neither respect nor do I support Hillary or Bernie....both of whom people claim are the left!  I think Warren is clueless about leading the country and I think AOC is a media sensation who is actually one of those very bright young people who is completely misguided.  One day she might wake up and realize that she was sold a bill of goods.

I believe that too many people on the right are putting their faith in a "Man" and not the system....and that man is going to let them down big time....and I am talking about Trump!{#basic-laugh.gif}

That's what the Left does. It criticizes Trump. He may not be from the old school of Conservative thought, or a charter member of the Good Old Boys Political Circle, but he is preferable to the Left's insane ideology that presupposes we should all be treated like naughty children. 

I want to correct you Amala....its not just the left critizing Trump!!

Romney is not the left....Kasich is not the left.......Amash and Hurd are not from the left!!  George Will and a lot of other former Conservative writers are not from the left!  These folks are clearly Anti-Trump!

Trump actually is counting on folks believing that if you are against him....you are for the left!  It amazes me how Farmers who are going bankrupt still can say Trump is for them?  How Autoworkers who are losing their jobs because their factory closes can say Trump is for them?

Trump is for Trump!  He did not get those 2 Supreme Court Justices....McConnell did!  He did not get that Tax Cut through Congress...Ryan and McConnell did!!  Trump has signed a lot of Executive Orders...the same thing Obama did, because he can't get his agenda through Congress.  He is not building the Wall and he is not like around the world.  

He is killing this country slowly but he has managed to convince a lot of people that we cannot survive without him!  To me that is just plain dangerous! {#basic-laugh.gif}

That's because Romney and Kasich are RINOs. Our economy has been better under Trump than it ever was under Obama. So there are plenty of jobs for those out of work farmers and auto workers to take. Pumping more money into farms and bailing out auto makers doesn't work/hasn't worked. Farms aren't any the better and the auto industry is still struggling. That's mainly due to truck farming and foreign manufacturers who can innovate. And as for Trump just signing things, name one president who didn't do the same thing. They get their people rolling on an issue and then they sign the outcome. That's how it's done. 

Trump isn't killing the country. He's saving it. So I don't really give a damn if he's popular on the world stage or not. 

Well AMOD, I'd love to see Kamala be the front runner... ain't going to happen though. As to joe, well he's getting what happens when you have children... chidren are the screwing you get, for the screwing you got. 

sanders... I expect him to take the old dirt nap anyday... and Warren, she's like that grandma we all love even if she is senile. 

On a good note, if Trump keeps doing stupid shit like he has been, the dems could run a mannequin against him and win. 

{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}  jj that is a hell of a statement about children!!

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