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A Moderate Point of View: American Foreign Policy during the Trump Era! A Really Bad Reality TV Show!!!

Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, September 10th 2019 at 3:42pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: foreign policy


I simply do not know where to begin!!!  There will be no links with this Post.....no references that you can seek out!  This will be just plain old "Commentary".....voicing my personal opinion about the sorry state of American Foreign Policy on this 10th Day of September 2019!!!

I will list several Foreign Policy areas and ask a simple question, "Are we better off than we were three years ago"?  If you say yes, than more power to you.....if you say no, than what do you think should be done about it?

North Korea - Kim is still shooting off Missiles and actually has solidified his Nuclear Program and does not need to expand it any further....he has all the Nukes he needs!

Iran - Iran has restarted its Nuclear Program after adhereing to all aspects of the Nuclear Agreement it had signed.  They restarted their program after we withdrew from the agreement.  We now say we want to meet with them and will do so without pre-condition.  Only problem is Iran has said, they will not meet unless we rejoin the agreement.  In the meantime they are shooting down US Drones and snatching UK Ships!

Yemen - We and our ally Saudi Arabia have been responsible for over 90,000 Civilian Casualties and are on the verge of being named in a "War Crimes" allegation.

Mideast Peace - We move our Embassy to Jerusalem, recoginze the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights, endorse settlements in the West Bank, and cut off aid to the Palestian Authority.  In the meantime rockets were fired into Israel today from Gaza!  No Mideast Peace Plan in sight.

Syria - ISSI is gone, Assad is in power, the Turks are on the verge to attacking our allies the Kurks, while the Kurks who are holding ISSI Prisoners are threatening to release those Prisoners if the Turks attack them!

Iraq - Things are quiet there, but the Shite majority government in Iraq have given every indication that they will back Iran in any conflict with the US!

Afghanistan - We engage in Peace Talks with the Taliban without the Afghanistan government or our NATO allies...propose to bring them to Camp David to close the deal and then back out of it once another US Soldier is killed in a Car Bomb attack.  By the way...the US Embassy in Kabul was hit with a Rocket Attack today!

NATO - What can I say....they are still sending their son's into harms way for us, while we are demanding that they speed up paying more for their own defense.  Kind of strange don't you think!

Cuba - Diplomatic Relations have gone back to Pre-Obama levels, while Russian influence in the areas has increased to Pre-GW Bush levels.  Cuba is still active in Central and South American affairs!

Venezuela - We backed a failed non-military coup and the Maduro government is still in power.  By the way....the Venezuela Military is now conducting military operations near the Columbian border.  Columbia supported us in our efforts against Maduro!

Wow, that is mouth full.....so I will stop right there.  And guess what, I did not even mention the China Trade War or Brexit, both of which will have Foreign Policy implications for us!   Any one who thinks that we are either respected or feared on the World stage these days is either drinking some bad Kool-Aid or is in serious denial!




User Comments

There is no Mid-East peace plan because there can never be any and no other President has had one either. Rockets were fired today because Bibi announced he would annex parts of the West Bank. As far as the annexation of the Golan? THey were never ever going to give it back anyway. They would be fools to do so. The moment they give it back will be the moment of their annihilation.

Totally agree on the Golan......as far as the overall Peace Plan, it probably would be best to not even announce your intention to secure one, then people will not be able to blame you if you do not acheive it!

The West Bank situation is touchy as far as I am concerned.  Why not just enter into negotiations with Jordan....get the desired area in some kind of deal as opposed to going the Annexation route?

Jordan gave it up. Doesn't want it. Who could they negotiate with?

Jordan gave up claim to everything except it oversight of the Muslim Holy Places.....because it thought the Palenstians would develop their State there.  Get Jordan back into the negotiations as a Nation State to formalize the process....as long as you just Annex it...you will have a problem with the Palenstian Authority.   Get Jordan to throw its support and legitimacy behind the Annexation!!  It will also end the two state solution agrument!

There is never going to be a real teo state solution. Neither side want it.

We could go back and forth here forver but I am tired and a lousy typist. I am going to send you a link tomorrow of something short to listen to, an analysis by a very well informed former IDF Major and former Military of Governor of Shiloh. he addresses all you issues here.

Will be waiting!{#basic-laugh.gif}

I have said it before and will aay it again, nobody in this country knows how to deal with the middle east.  We simply don't know what we re doing.  We should NEVER have invaded Iraq in the first place, that was a horrible mistake.

Destroying the stability that Saddam created, led to ISIS and all the othre problems we have had since. Our rpuling out of the Iran deal is responsible for Iran's re-investing in nuclear power. 

The United States under trump crsated the new problem in Iran history should show that very clearly.

obama did the right thing with Cuba, our treatment of Cuba should hve changed years ago.  Since we are once again turning our backs on our neighbor to the south (Cuba), why wouldbn't they align themselves with Ruszia if that country is being nicer to them than we are. Once again, our own fault.

Bptj Oram amd Cuba are specifically the fauth of the guy currently living at 1600 Pennsylvania Av.  As is, by the way, North Korea...here trump first traded insults and then flip-flpped and "fell iin love".

No, we are distinctly NOT better off then we were 3 years...much worse off in face. I would not be surpriesed if the next thing that happens is that NATO decides to reneged on their committments to support the United States. That would alos serve us right, and again is trumps fault beccause of his insults and mistreatment of our allies within that body.

Only solution I can suggest is to hope, pray and work for sane leadereship to be elected in 2020, and go back and try to reinstate the Iran deal, if they will come back to the table after trump betrayed our committment with them, re-establish cordial relations with Cuba and stop supported the horrible Saud government and at least stay out of much of the problem in the middle east.

Oh and you already know where I stand on the Isreali vs the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank issue.  I am far from being pro-Isreali and have always been.  once again, I believe strongly in equal rights, but that does not give the isrealis the right to hold Palestinians as virtual prisoners...and 2nd class citizens.

Bptj Oram--not sure exactly what i was trying to type...probably So Iran and Cuba are the faulth of the man currently in the White House, but somethng went very wrong on those first two words.


I don't think Trump has a foreign affairs strategy. He picked the warmongers like Bolton and Pompei and then restricted them from going to war. Israel is thinking of attacking Iran on their own. I guess they feel doing it around the 9/11 commemoration may find Americans in a patriotic mood for war? I heard Trump will back the attack but not supply troops. 

Wow.....hearing things like that also!

But I think its more Iran's proxies than Iran itself!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Your ass is grass. They will not attack Iran. They are in the midst of an election. Bibi spent his big bullet today.

After elections I do believe Israel will deal with Hezbolluh!  Not sure he will waste much time with Hamas!


Oh, neglected to mention the Armenians being incarcerated in comcentration camps by those "stand up" guys the Turks.

No wonder the EU had major qualms about admitting a people who were more backward and savage than the previous Ottoman Empire.

Yeah! Yemen. Fuck sake! What dirty bastards the Americans and British are re Yemen. Siding with a truly dirty corrupt Saudi regime in that way. Oil. Is God. It seems.

The Turks were cowards who attacked from behind in the days of Lawrence of Arabia, they were cowards and animals who lacked respect for accepted "war conduct" as regards British and Anzac soldiers, and they are today cowards in the way they persecute, as you say, OUR allies, the noble Kurds. As Sadam Hussein did. 

I think the problem here is simple. British and American governments will gleefully ignore all atrocities that occur in the world, unless those atrocities might serve their own purposes. 

And that makes the USA and the UK the New Nazies, as far as I'm concerned.

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