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Added: Wednesday, March 21st 2012 at 11:53am by 4solutions

How can we be more safe in our communities, and reform felons at lower costs and in more effective ways?

BETTER SENSE (CENTS) FOR SAFETY Too often we respond to horrific crimes by increasing prison times or other conditions that have proven to be ineffective.  Whether re-offenses occur at 18.5% for sex offenders or 74% for other offenders, it is past time to implement processes that are proven effective.  Put emphasis on rehabilitating offenders while they are in prison and require they demonstrate responsible changes before they are released prior to their maximum release date.  As soon as they demonstrate needed changes, then release them.  Increasing prison time does not prevent crime.  It only causes more costs to taxpayers where we pay for the crimes instead of the offender.  More proven principles are offered by contacting the author at neil.s@charter.net . There is no cost and consultation is free. www.educationandjusticesolutions.info

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