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Author Of 4solutions

Added: Friday, March 30th 2012 at 12:02pm by 4solutions
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I was unable to type anything on my profile, so I will share a little about me.

I am a retired educator, having taught in the public schools, and developed learning centers. For twenty years, I also lifeguarded and taught hundreds as a Water Safety Instructor. At this time of my life, my passion is devoted to offering my many years of experience and research, on my website www.educationandjusticesolutions.info . All of my writings and manuals are offered free for viewers to read and download for their use. I am often asked:

Why do you offer your education manual and other writings for nothing when you could easily develop a sizeable income?


A. I'm not in the business to make money. I want to share what I believe are successful models based on my research and experiences. Life has given me this and I wish to give to others.




Why do you wish to spend your energy and funds with all the apparent work during your retirement years?


A. I don't consider acts of love as work. I get joy as I give of myself in a way that may benefit others.


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Need more educaters like you!

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