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ya learn something new every day

Added: Wednesday, September 11th 2019 at 11:15pm by 4lorac323
Category: Health

You know how it is, you might hear of something on a commercial or see it somewhere and really have no idea what the hell it really is.

Then all of a sudden you are hearing about it everywhere. so and so has it, or they knew someone that does or did. Like the "sundowners" never heard of that, lately it has popped up more than once. His  auntie (by marriage not blood) is suffering with that, or rather his uncle is. He has to call T's Mom to talk her down when she starts sliding. I had heard about that when we were in CA......and just nodded like I knew what they were talking about.

The other one is A Fib..I knew about that from the neighbor lady, she developed it with the COPD and now she is end stage copd, and deals with the A fib too, then my son the other night with his crisis, now last night we hear about T's sister(she is younger than him) has A fib. I am finding out that it is stress related, with the sister, its stress and the fact she weighs over 300. Good Lort. Her Doctor told her he cant do anything other than the medicine until she looses a whole lot of weight.

Then yesterday, I get a quick message from my neice in Michigan....that is the sister that is 4 yr older than me. Seems her husband took her into ER there and she had a perforated Bowel and all the ick had leaked into her tummy and she had gone septic big time. they rushed her into surgery, fixed the perforation, did a colostomy (she isnt alert enough to know what they did. she is on a ventilator, and not waking up real fast...its the sepsis that is real bad, even my neice(who is a nurse) is pretty scared. She told me it was because of chronic constipation...and she couldnt figure out how someone could hold it for 30 yrs!. Years ago my sister had neck surgery due to a long ago car wreck that did something to her vertabra in her neck and that was back in the days of opiates being handed out like candy and yes, she was addicted to perscription pain meds. Besides numbing you to hell and back, they put your guts to sleep and nothing moves until there just isnt any room left. she waspyramiding scripts, she had lots of doctors that would give her what ever she wanted. That is why they have developed a laxitive for people that take those dam things....well she is pooping now, aint got much choice with a colostomy huh!

And I was whining about the Doc tring to say I was anemic, I should be ashed of myself. All I am is old and creeky. I should get down on my knees and thank the Lord for my health. i do give thanks every day that I have the few of you that put up with me, I can imagine I get fairly boring. 

It is time for me to hit the sack since I realized just now I can sit here and stare at this and wonder when I wrote it

User Comments

Boring??  lol  YOU WISH!  

There's a lot to be said for trying to do the right thing and make the lifestyle changes necessary to avoid taking the pills we keep having pushed on us. Unfortunately we seem to prefer the pill route which leaves us with taking this pill to fix that and then all the rest of the pills to fix what each pill damages. 

Sorry so many in your extended family are having these issues. 

My MIL took pain pills or calm her down pills for so many years, perhaps up to 50 yrs or more? It has killed her kidneys and her mind. She even argued that premarin was good for her because it wouldn't let her have osteoporosis. I told her that exercise would stop her from having osteoporosis too. She said...Easier to take a pill than exercise. Um. Yeah.

I heard of Afib a while ago, every once in a while ol' GG has them but he doesn't feel them and it is mentioned ... Afib and Bradycardia [which is slow heart beat]. Afib, yep heard of it.

Sundowners? Know well of that. See? Anemic? Are you taking iron suppliments or anything for it? I know iron deficiency makes you very tired right? 

GG's daughter has high blood pressure and she is up there near that 300 mark. But she says she is fine with it.

All I have to say is Uffdah.

And you are not boring!

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