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Added: Thursday, November 7th 2019 at 6:23pm by 4lorac323
Category: Cars & Vehicles

There is more to the shooting/cartel story of earlier in the week, but I am not going to add my 2 cents anymore...It has been all over the national news with every spin on it you can imagine...The media has managed to spin it political and thats just bad. Unless you live here, you dont know or understand the fear that percolates on a dailey basis. The Sad fact that 9 people died is enough. I dont give a rats ass about who or what religion they have, whether its a cult or shades of Jim Jones, they were in Mexico and any idiot knows where not to go, specifically this locale.

Quite frankly, if the Mormons or the LDS come knocking on the door with their watch tower and awake rags, I just dont answer.

They have been braggin all week about the "Monster Trucks" coming to town this week end. They have also been doing radio live spots with their MT's....

So, T, JJ and I went down to the local spot for today to see said truck. Remember this is Midwest born and raised and I have seen the BIG ones, this was not big. I have seen Farm boys do better things with trucks than what they were showing...

Image result for undertakers grave digger truckthis truck is real, the crappy little garbage  they had out there was almost embarassing. The county firgrounds are a bit over a mile away from here, so I suppose we will hear some of it. should be interesting....well sort of. We looked and left, so much for that huh.

I have been going to bed reallly early lately, bout 930 or 10, then finding myself wide awake at 3 in the morning.

Gotta let the dogs out, its bout that time.

User Comments

Yep, Monster Truck Season is over here in the Midwest. Never cared for them anyway. Big Boys, Big Toys.

I'm finally getting back into a schedule after all those years of odd hours. I still wake up at odd times. Sometimes I stay up and sometimes I try sleeping somewhere else.

Early to bed around here it 8pm. GG goes to bed then and sleeps until 9am or so.

I haven't followed that story too closely as we've had lots going on here. Med changes, lots of appointments, and what not...you get it.


yup, I get it, T has barely come out of his room for days, says his tummy hurts more than usual. Ya know I have never really pulled out of the odd hours. I expect its cause I lived them for 25 yrs...probably never will.

That was close to you? Oh. Wow. No wonder you hardly leave the house.

AP, or on the map known as aqua prieta,  is on the other side of the fence, wall, what ever you wanna call it, ya, when I said we were on the border, I mean "THE BORDER" I dont miss the snow up there, been watching the tribune and lax is kinda going to hell isnt it?

Image result for agua prieta mexico

Have to ask Louie how Lax is. And you are ON that border .... wow~!!

Melting today!

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