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Added: Sunday, September 12th 2021 at 4:56pm by 4lorac323
Category: About Me

So I am watching the first packer game of the season. Looks like the Saints are kicking thier butts. I dont take this all seriously, its just a game, I dont bet, I dont go rabid....but I am originally from Wisconsin and its pretty much a habit...I have watched them most of my life.

I havent talked to anyone in his (Terrys) family. AT ALL. His mother got all bent out of shape cause no one told her he died. For Gods sake, I talked to her every day before he passed. She was up in Wash state baby sittin her daughter from a surgery. I thought it was because of some female surgery, well it wasnt, she had a face lift!!!!

She went off(or started to) on me. That shit dont scare me, I returned the favor and hung up on her. And that was all she wrote. I am not going to reach out to her, nope. I was his care taker, his wife and got him as far as I could, she did nothing...

As far as I am concerned they can go straight to hell. They havent reached out to me at all or sent condolences...nothing. I guess thats their choice.

I think they are afraid I might ask for something. To tell the truth, there is nothing I would want from them.

Terry used to tell me how he spent is  off time at his grandparents, specifically during vacations. His parents and 2 sisters would go off camping and he'd get left behind.His full sister is the one that was doing the talking, she also told me they threw him out when he was 17 because he was an embarrasment, and he (Daddy) made it known that as far as he was concerned Daddy wasnt a real daddy, he was also a CHIPS(california highway patrolman) he was the step father to terry and the older sister. She is actually not older than him, but older thhan the youngest daughter...

I tell ya, I raised Twins, I am raising a grandson, I have an oldest that is 47 and had alot of problems due to a "post-mature" pregnancy, but I never ever tossed them to the wolves.

Does mommy dearest know this, that I know, I doubt it. I dont really care either, I aint going into attack mode,,,that would just be petty. As far as I am concerned they have ceased to exist and are worthless as human beings

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Being, Doing, Living Love and Loving Is The Most Useful Anti-Evil Force In Human Reality


You've made the right choice.  Dysfunctional families, are a royal pain, and I'm thinking Terry stayed clear from them.

Keep on doing what you're doing, and you'll keep evil at bay (away from you)!!

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