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TG Sundays over, time for bed

Added: Sunday, December 8th 2019 at 9:54pm by 4lorac323
Category: About Me

As nice as I thought the MIL was, Mercedes and all. I am cutting her loose, she can talk to her son until she turns blue in the face. I KNOW a lot of the conversation is T, and his habit of being very judgemental, but I happened to walk in the room when they were having one of their conversations and heard her call me an enabler....A fringgin Enabler for gods sake. and this was in reference to JJ and him not going to school and me allowing it to happen. I am the one that pulled him out of the school here, I recognized the fact he was nothing more than a target for them and they wern't goiong to pass him in anything, not ever......I was not going to allow it to continue. He was going through a lot of bullying and realizing that half if it was from the very people that were supposed to keep him safe.

I lit up like the 4th of July and told T if I hear one more effing word, regarding my Gson or parenting abilities he would be not like the outcome and I would blast those california idiots until I ran out of air!!!! Terry forgets He has told me about his childhood and how it was actually his grands that raised him, that his folks would go vactioning without him and take the girls leaving him behind. Appparently a boy didnt fit in step fathers ordered life. 

Add the fact it is  me, and has been for 20 years taking care of him. Keeping him alive..

If I wouldve just ignored him and let him stay on his houseboat, he'd have died years ago.

I used to stop on the way home from work and pick up a few groceries, the bread/meat vegiee and a few candybars.....he was malnourished like ya read about, his life was feast/famine. you could see it in the color and conditon of his skin/hair and he didnt even own a winter coat, that was the winter it went from 60 above to 60 below over night....and I told him to get in the car, he was going home with me...he did, slept for2 days straight before he woke up, I had him covered with 3 blankets and just went on about my business. That was the year we were working back to back 12's.

As far as JJ goes, the entire year of (15) was a nightmare, it was a nonstop fight and pretty much had to wait for him to come out the other side. I knew the little guy I'd been raising was still in there. I just had to wait for him to find his way back....and he is, a little more each day.

I know what was upsetting me, I dont have a mama, or a dad....they're gone. have been for years. I cant call my ma and talk. I felt sad and alone.


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Sending winter hugs. You know how warm they are.


MIL's ... my first one loved to stick her nose into everything and be nasty behind my back. She was evil/nice at the same time.

I always love how people can just sit on their butts and make judgements about things in other people's lives. 

Makes you want to reach through the phone and just slap them right?

You're never alone, sweetie - not really.  You always have us!  We may not be there with you, but we're always HERE for you.  I know what you mean, though.  Sometimes, you just need a real person telling you it's all going to be okay.  You just have to wade through it, and give yourself those pep talks.  

Good for JJ!  You and he weathered a big storm together.  He should be proud of the accomplishments he's made and the maturity he's gained.  And you are a big part of that, too.  

Never doubt that you're having an impact on that young'un!

Hugs and prayers coming at ya from elmoland!

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