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Sunday fun-day.....ya think?

Added: Sunday, December 1st 2019 at 9:39am by 4lorac323
Category: About Me

Its been a week now that the Grand and her friend are here. I have been listening while she does a whole lot of talking. Her Dad was telling me before they came that she tends to be a "story teller" his gentle way of calling her a liar.  Personally, I havent seen too much of that. She is the same kid I have known since the day she was born(except she is now an adult) We dealt with a bit of altitude sickness for a bit....thats unpleasant, but like us they came from an altitude of 700 ft to over 4K...kind of makes you uncomfortable for a bit until you adjust.

We got through TG...made a darned old turkey and they ate it, so that was ok. 

I noticed she had put on a whole bunch of weight, and I am talking a whole bunch. Come to find out her diet consisted of almost totally fast food. AND emotional eating. I have had the talk with her not to eat like that...its basically the issue of food not fighting back, comfort eating or boredom. I am a porkchop myself, always have been, never had a skinny day in my life.  I just dont want her to have to live through that.  The job she had to walk away from was a (group home setting) for 4 men, 2 VN vets and older than hell WWII vets, all of which have dementia and sundowners, and she was 18, untrained for that extreme and scared spitless. She was the only one there at night. It would be hard on me, hell any of us, but a kid, come on get real.

I'm kinda sad, fighting off the no reason crying jags.....I dont know whats going on with that. Sometimes I just sit and wonder what its gonna look lke after T. Or what I'll do. He has been having little seizures. He will feel them coming on and take a med and go lay down so he doesnt fall down. He did get his chair BTW. Kind of Jazzy!Then it rained for the entire last week, so its been in the house.

I just need for the holidays to fly by.

I am not a big fan of xmas,havent been for years......no reason to be...

T got a present from his mother.....she bought him a ladder..oh for gods sake, he's a fall risk...

Today is laundry....out of undies and he doesnt like that.

User Comments

My dear friend. You must have been using telepathy last night to me. I was thinking along the same lines. This is the first year EVER I put out lights on the pine tree in front of the house. Who cares if it is just wound around.

So last night I sat in the warm comfy glow while it sleeted against the pine and I wondered. What next after GG? I took comfort in hearing from my biological kids on T day. Lots of love there even for this old crank. Charlie and I listened to the wind and suddenly I knew in this totally quiet house, what it may be like without... And then I didn't know how to feel.

OMG...a ladder? You will like my UnTree Decorations.

I think about you often. Sending you hugs and stuff.

TY Jolly


A LADDER??!!  Crim-a-fuckin-netly!  What alternate universe does that lady live in?You want to have a crying jag, lovey, because you deserve one.  You have waay to much responsibility for four people, let alone little old you!  

Tell me again why your sons aren't helping you out in any way?  

Please know that I'm speaking from my heart to you here.  YOU NEED HELP ON THE DAILY, AND YOU NEED A BREAK ASAP.  

Love you, girly girl!

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