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still hurts

Added: Sunday, November 29th 2020 at 12:37pm by 4lorac323
Category: About Me

I wrote a letter to our local Hosp. you know the drill, "Is there anything we can do to help you" inserts. I let them know what happened, how I was treated, the innuendo I was drug searching and just plain bad attitude recieved. I dont know what the womans problem is, maybe she is just burnt out or heading that way. 

I still am upset about it, still unable to walk very well, still hurt. But I take tylenol like its candy, muscle rubs to the point my skin is starting to peel. I still dont sleep any more than 2 hrs at any given time and when it hurts "just that bad, I cry"

I dont leave the house, I dont even go outside. Getting in or out of the car is almost a circus act if you have to try and watch me. I can get in the drivers side, by pulling myself in with the steering wheel, but the passenger side, forget it. I have the kids Durango and it high standing and I just cant do it. Not right now.  

I feel like I am whining, I probably am.

130 in the afternoon, took a few more tylenols and I think I will go lay me back down, no reason to stay up, noo one to talk to.

User Comments

CBD?  You know, extract from the pot plant?

I'm sorry to hear this.  I hope you find relief very soon.  Pain like you are suffering is serious business.  I hope you find something for that soon!

maybe Im just an idiot for falling, but then again, I am getting fairly close to the 70


I just hit 60 today. The falling thing is ALWAYS on my mind since I live alone. Thinking of you and hugs.

cbd distillary. Seriously The pain cream is da bomb.

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