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Added: Tuesday, March 24th 2020 at 12:45pm by 4lorac323

Things here havent changed much. Living on the border as we do, they have had restrictions on some things for a long time. Milk being one of them.usually its a limit of 6 gals. What happens here is they come across and buy a boat load of goods and take them across the border and resell over there. American stuff is much better quality, not to mention food stuffs. But it happened all in a days time and the stores(all 2 of them) are having problems with restocking. They have not yet shut the border, but they have restricted it to  no non essential travel, no tourism, that kid of thing.

I have to go over to the $ store and see if they have those little bottles of laundry soap. I figured out that these said bottles are pretty concentrated and what you are paying for ultimately in the big stores is the water that they add to them to make it look likeyou are getting a deal.....not..

Other than the bread and milk and trying to keep a supply for the family(talking a gallon or 2, and the same for the bread)I am doing ok. I have an upright freezer in the back for meats and such and I have always had this "mother hubbard" thing going on with the cupboards. If there is an empty spot, I gotta put something there, be it hamburger helper or what ever. So I guess I have always had a fairly large stockpile. Heck, its how I am able to help the neighbors when they get low. 

Health wise, cept for T we are doing ok. I think its cause we have isolated for a long time and dont socialize.

T, he is doing the sleeping round the clock thing again. For  now that is just fine with me. For well over a couple of weeks he had me under quite a bit of stress and hurt feelings. He is into accusing me of guilt tripping him. SAY WHAT??over what, I don't know.....

The court thing, what can I say. Its still there and her family has come out in force to attack. They have been telling me via FB to grow up. 99% of the time I just dont answer, seeing what they'll say, doing to forwarding to  Daddy dearest. It's that 1% of the time I blow up. Seems bio mom has been contacting JJ by text asking all kinds of question that are none of her business and he doesnt know how to answer correctly. It bothers the hell out of me and I let her have it and  her family comes out in battle gear. The court has been continued until 5/10.......

There are days I just want to give up. I'm tired of defending myself, of defending my family, but if I do that, what ever happens will be my fault and I cant take that.............when this is over, so am I...enough already.

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Hang in there!!

Well a lot of non essential court cases are being postponed or can be done virtually now? Not sure but I saw a blip on that. 

We are doing okay here, feel lonely some days, but Charlie and Sven give me their two cents worth.

No milk in the store yesterday unless you like 1% and only in gallons which we'd never use.

We are locked 'down' in the sense that we are not allowing any visitors. We may come back up for air in May.

delete and block. JJ needs to just ignore. Your sanity will return. Hugs!!

Hang in there. Jesus will help, if you pray and ask him to. 

ty marissa, Im hanging on, but sometimes it feels like more than I can manage


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