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Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, April 13th 2019 at 9:59am by 4lorac323
Category: About Me

I finally got the damn tires on the car. They were getting soooooooo bad I was literally afraid to drive any further than I absolutely had to. I am talking Baloney skins here and one had a slice. No way in hell would I have been able to take it up to highway speeds without doing a crash/burn. So my ability to do anything was pretty much nil. I have been saving and saving and it ended up costing me 252 to get 4 used tires on it. It cost so much cause they are bigguns, they are 17's and they all match.

I have to save by the few bucks at a time cause I cover the insurances and that is over 230/m., throw in the rent and bills and it pretty much leaves me counting pennies halfway through the month. I do ok, I just had to get that rant off my back.

I went and donated to the red cross...I am o- and they come looking for me by email and wont give up till I give them what they want, plus they take double ....I knew I was good for something. I was on the rare donor list in WI and it seems they found me.

I feel like everone around me has lost their friggin minds. one twin is absolutely off his rocker and nasty as hell, I told him to leave the hell alone and unfriended him and the other one...He says one thing and does another. So I am just not speaking to anyone right now....And then we have JJ. O M G..........there was a big fight over the phone again. I HATE cell phones. I wouldnt have one except for the fact we do have to have some kind of contact with DR and such.

I was so angry yesterday I couldnt concentrate except to get the tires. I had to suppress the bitch simply because the tire guy didnt deseve to meet her.

Am I flipping out, Loosing it? Is the stress right now more than I need...Probably. T doesnt even get up right now for the past couple of weeks except to go to the potty or grab a litle something to eat and this leaves me by myself out here. Cant leave, cant sleep...just sit there.

I guess its one thing at a time huh


User Comments

I'm so sorry, lovey!  You've got too much on your plate right now, and your two "grown-up" sons ought to be helping out.  It's ridiculous that JJ's father isn't any more use to him or you than he is.  

Why is it that sometimes neither kid is the good one?  A mystery for the ages, I guess, 'cause I sure can't figure it out!

Can't you get any respite care for T, so you can have a break?  And I don't know what to tell you about JJ!  Teenagers can be horrible 'cause, ya know, "No one understands!"

Maybe you just need to throw yourself a big ol' hissy fit!  I've heard it said that if people think you're crazy, they'll leave you alone.

I used yo pull the act stupid thing at work and they would leave me alone for the most part,cept the office knew what I was doing. Personally I think its the weather patterns throwing everyone off base..it isnt cold here even have had a few days in the 90's....and I am so tired of hearing bout the wall......either build it or dont.

Sending you hugs.

ty, most of the time I dont like hugs......but I will accept them this time!


You just sounded like you needed one.

Really bad.

I'll poke you with a hot stick and then you can smack me. 

I get it though. Not being able to leave and no help? Thank goodness for the VA or we'd be homeless. 

I don't get your twins, you'd think they'd be helpful in some way. Sigh. Can't spit in one hand and wish in the other right? Wish one gets full first? The spit one.

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