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Lets try Saturday

Added: Saturday, November 9th 2019 at 9:40am by 4lorac323
Category: About Me

T and I are going to try a border cross today for smokes...I dont know how successful thats going to be. We dont ever go "into" AP. Walking the Border is just that-down one side of the street, cross and the same distance back up through customs. I dont think they will come up that close to us, or atleast I hope so.  Doing this, you are always, always on camera. I will not step off that street like T wanted to for a short cut. when they are cruising with a 50 cal. weapon mounted on their trucks, thats a little scary.

I have noticed that the walmart is not as packed as it usually is.

I noticed something over there that puzzles me a bit, they put a limit on how much milk you can buy, limit of six gallons. cause they take it across the border, dont they have milk over there???

If I were to buy that much milk, I wouldnt even know where to put it. I buy 1 gal at a time thank you. Its only JJ that drinks it.

The infamous MT show is today. I guess we will hear how loud it gets huh.

I called our cable provider yesterday after I noticed my internet was broadcasting in the next town over...say what?? In talking to the tech there, seems that there is a whole lot of wifi stealing going on. Dont know if its kids or who the hell it is, but we changed the PW on the modum putting a stop to things till next time. What a big big difference that made, no more cable dropping, no more internet crashing(atleast last night and so far today.

this all started when they brought their digital world dowon here and this town is so old it really didnt have the infrstructure for it. Still doesnt, but they are trying. well, sort of!

My graddaughter is supposed to be coming down later this month and maybe spending the winter down here.She is ok, but she has to get out of the midwest for a while and see that there is another part of the world even its its just here. it will give us someone else to talk to also. I am kind of looking forward to this. If she decides not to come, thats ok too, but here first real job turned out to be a farce, forgetting to input her payroll..I wouldve lit up like the 4th if that ever happened to me. Heck if you think we stand out being big and white down here, wait for this branch of the family, she is a full blown GINGER!!! wont loose her in a crowd!

User Comments

Enjoy your visit with your granddaughter. Hope your weekend is a good one.

got there and back, got secondaried(pulled into an office wanting to know why we were there) and came on home after stopping for bread and milk! we're kool, got some smokes thats all that counted.


Man that sounds like a different world all together. Hope you get to see your grand daughter!


I worry about you.

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