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Gotta pay attention

Added: Friday, January 11th 2019 at 8:45pm by 4lorac323
Category: About Me

I understand when you are around something continuously you dont see changes, or smell things(nose blind) I think I have been going through not seeing things I should be paying attention too. I mean seiously paying attention to. T stepped out of the house the other day and the neighbor remarked on his color, that he was kind of pasty and yellow. Yellow?, Yup I know what that is all about, but he says he feels ok except for wanting to sleep all the time, and he blames that on the anti seizure meds. So I have been peering at him to the point I make him nervous. His eyes are a bit yellow, but not too yellow. He has been having some trouble with the potty issues. his diuretics dont work unless he lays down after he takes them and nods off again,,,

His eating has been ok, his salt intake not high. He likes meat and he will eat it. No vegan here, the man in a carnivore born and raised.... he will do one fairly good sized meal, and eat bits through out the day. he likes his sweets, but isnt gaining weight, infact I have noticed weight loss. When you see someone that has blown up to 400 lbs, now look at him and he is probably 275-280...thats a big difference.

He did get approved for a mobility chair, the guy that was supposed to measure it for him never showed up, then called and said he was given the wrong address. So I guess he will be coming sometime this coming week. I reminded him we were in Douglas, not Bisbee. I dont think he liked that, told me he was going to be at the clinic here. So...we will see how that goes.

I talked to the My Son tonight. He wants me to get on up there. I had to remind him I have recerts I have to go through, arrangements and a whole lot of other stuff to deal with. I just cant up and take off on a 1500 mile roadtrip and I am the only driver...yowza.

One day at a time kid 

later C

User Comments

Is son not paying attention?

I did the same thing with my ex-BIL once.  I couldn't figure out why he didn't look healthy, even though he was very tanned. It didn't even occur to me that his skin was yellow under all that tan, even though I'd known for years that he was an alcoholic.

Yep, one day at a time ... day after day after day after day ...

Keep up the good fight.  What else can you do?  {#apploud.gif}{#floating.gif}



If T was a drinker or had been, I couldve been able to point at something and R&R, but it was the Hep C3 that did this to him....Sometimes I get real overwhelmed, but it is what it is I guess. I gotta cross the border for smokes today, wont let him do this with me, my luck he would take a tumble.

The not seeing changes ... it is called normalcy bias and it trips us up everywhere. Kids today always lock their car doors. They can't imagine not doing it. We never did when I was young. Kids today think the crime level is normal and can't imagine it any other way.

That sort of thing. It trips us up in big and small things.

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