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Got through it

Added: Monday, February 11th 2019 at 9:26pm by 4lorac323

I convinced T into going to the IEP with me today. I have been trying to tell him large groups of people give me  anxiety. I do not like crowds. Especially in that setting.

 This was practically every 9th grade teacher they have there, 4 or 5 counselors, aides, you name it....17 people were scheduled to be there(this does not include me and T) they each have an opinion and idea. The only person that wasnt there was the principal, but in all honesty, she did cruise through. what they came down to is his cell phone. So I told him fine, I would remove it and their response was to not go cold turkey on him. I told him if it had to go, then that was the way it was going to happen. For Gods sake, make up my mind ok? I took it, told him why, he kid of balked about it, but no big fireworks, just handed it over when I told him he could have it after school.

They did express to me that his IQ was at 115... 3 yrs ago. for a 9th grader. It's probably higher now.  I know they get bent cause he doesnt do math on paper, i have  told them over and over again he does head math, but it falls on deaf ears. He doesnt seem to fit their conception of how it should be or what a person is actually capable of.

T decide he wanted to go back into couseling after that med thing he pulled. With his meds, ya just cannot play with them, any of them. I told him at that time if he was going to pull that, then I would stop taking mine and see how fast I could get my blood sugar over 500, wouldnt take too long. I think it scared him.

We went over the border to get smokes, and notices the big assed shipping crates thay had stacked were gone. Hmmmmmmm..which opened up about 3 lines to drive through. i do not take my car over there, nope.I do not go any further than the Border itself, dont step into the town any further than I have to. Do you know, 2 cartons of cigarettes bought at the duty free costs $20, for christs sake, thats what you pay for 2 packs on the US side. Now that's a no brainer isnt it.

Yes I smoke and no I aint quitting, its all I got. If I wanted green, I probably wouldnt have too much trouble getting that either as you can get a green card here...I did get T some CBD(Hemp style-no THC) and it works for him. You get the relief without the high. And I bought it OTC.

Well, time for bed, 430 comes pretty early and I know that is about when I end up getting up....maybe 5.



User Comments

I hear very good things about the CBD.  I'm glad T gets some relief from it.  Maybe you can stock up for future use after you move north?  

I'm not a bit surprised that JJ's IQ is that high.  I wonder if he's ever read about any of the well-known people in the world who also experienced problems with the eudcation system?  That could be an eye-opener for him.

Good on you, Mama, for putting T on the straight and narrow with his meds.  {#apploud.gif}  Their world would fall apart if YOU went into the hospital!  They all really need to treat my sweet friend better, ya know??  {#evil-crazy.gif}   

As always, keep the faith and one foot in front of the other!  (signed, the queen of platitudes)  {#friend.gif}{#floating.gif}

yup, that it would, but I dont think they really consider any of that, I would just get branded as s trouble maker


Einstein failed math at school, heheh.  Tell him that.

And remember, IQ has nothing to do with education, his teachers can neither raise nor lower it by a single digit.  IQ has more to do with the ability to learn. This child has the ability to learn significantly more than his peers, and put that learning to good use, too.  If properly challenged it will give him a welcome leg-up in the world.

If he doesn't get so bored he tunes out and becomes a slacker, that is.

If only our school systems spent half the money they spend on 'troubled kids' on those who are gifted, I think a lot FEWER kids would end up labeled as ADHD or display behavior problems, ie: nonconformity, questioning authority, or persuing what interests them intellectually instead of the dumbed down cookie cutter education/indoctrination offered by most public school systems.

Good luck to you both!

The biggest danger for very bright kids is boredom. Schools know that! 

Kudos on making T take his meds. I don't have a problem with that, it is the 'gettin' GG to shower or wash that is my big issue. If it were warm, I'd tie him to the naughty tree and hose him down...

naughty trees here have spines, or bugs or are poisonous....what a thought though

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