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Elmos says she is on the mend

Added: Thursday, November 14th 2019 at 7:33am by 4lorac323
Category: About Me

I noticed that Elmos flowers werent out here, no FB quips from her here and there, so I went to HER FB page and there was a post from her DIL saying she had been having compplications with the COPD and was in the HOSP.(or had gone in on the 3rd). I emailed, crossing my fingers and praying she was still with us and I got a return email from her, saying she is on the mend and to tell ya'll she will be back. I actually had the shakes for a bit.. So, that is all I know and I have let who ever reads this know.

I think I am slowly loosing my mind


User Comments

Elmo is a tough old bird, she will return

COPD pretty much sucks. And it is a constant battle in these stages. Glad you were able to check up on her C.

Where are your posts?????  I cant find you

Sending her hugs through you. Take a few for yourself.

Glad to hear she is on the mend. Prayers for her.

I love that lady to pieces for over 10 years now.  Nothing can keep that gal down. Thankfully she's on the mend.  She had emailed me a few weeks ago. Hope to see her here again soon.

Much love to you Miss Lady! Prayers to you always.  {#heart.gif}

I wondered why I hadn't seen any posts from her later.  Very sorry she is sick, and if you email her again, or are in touch, let her know we (including me) are thinking about her and hoping she gets well quickly.

Thank you for the update. I had wondered where she was too.

Was wondering what she'd been up to. Looking forward to reading of her continued adventures


Get better, elmo.  Like...right now.


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