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Cali in my rearview mirror

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, July 21st 2019 at 7:53pm by 4lorac323

We did our trip to California. It was my first time there, and as far as I am concerned, my last. His mom lives in a gated community. I have never been in one of those, but it is kind of impressive except for the fact they have a neighborhood association that calls the shots. And its blocks and streets of homes that all look alike. I didnt leave her house at all without  her with, or T....I wouldve been seriously lost in a heartbeat.

It wasnt a 8.5 hr drive, it was a 10 hr drive, each way. I drove from here to the California border. The T took over. He had to, my legs were numb and I couldnt feel the gas pedal or brakes anymore.

I found that the Cali people are snobs and nutz. Sorry to those out here that are fom there, but this is the only apology I will offer. I am a midwest girl, specifically Greatlakes midwest I was brought up to nuture, to assist. If you are hungry I will feed you, if you need clothes I will find it for you even if its the shirt off my back, if you are cold, I will give you a blanket or share my home. What I wont do is look down my nose and tell the person I am offended  that they think they are entitled to talk to me. T wanted to stay another day, so thats what we did, so he could get a family picture with him in it. Apparently none existed.

What they didnt know was I only brought enough of my meds for the scheduled stay. Had we left when we were supposed to, I wouldnt be fighting to get my BS under 300... he drove from CA to the AZ border, I took over until I had double vision and no concentration and trouble staying in my lane. Sorry folks, but he had to take over again. We had left bout 630 Monday night and it was about 530 Tuesday morning when we pulled in here and literally crawled in the house and into our beds. JJ got up about 2 in the afternoon and told me he was going over to the park. Key words in this is "we" were gone for a week, out of state. He was just talking with what friends he does have , telling them about Disneyland and all the fun he had there and he got jumped again. In front of witness's. 3 of the local wannabe's cornered him, they had boxing gloves,they all jumped him at once got him on the ground and proceeded to kick him in the head and the back and whereever they could connect. He called me right away and by the time I got over there, there was already EMT and the police there....and yes I am pressing charges. We w ont let him fight back, simply because he is a whiteboy. and given the fact he is just coming out of a growth spurt, he is now 6 ft and 166 lbs......and bigger than most of the adults. I dont want him to have the bully mentality. One of these days he is gonna snap though.


I told the cops exactly that. I told him I didnt want to find my grandson dead cause he got jumped or worse for them, that they would have to come to my door and tell me that. 

He recluses when this happens and  you wont see him cause he wont come out of his room.

Other than this and trying to get the swellin in my feets to go down, its cool



User Comments

Suggest you consult with a respectable martial arts instructor right away.

I dont believe they have such a thing here, this is a border town and they shoot what they dont like


"We w ont let him fight back" -- And that's the entire problem, in a nut shell. 

no, no its not......its a bigger problem than  any think...read louies post

Read what I wrote to Louie. People have a right to defend themselves. And they'll suffer worse things than Juvi if they don't. 

Letting him fight back will get him landed in Juvi, and you know that. Just wish you could get away from there. 

I fought back and was little, but that was back before kids got arrested. Never anything serious mind you, shoves, pushes, but I was good at sweeping feet out from my largest teaser. Then I'd walk away.

Had I done that in today's world, I'd be in Juvie.

Juvi schmovie. You can't worry about things like that. You have to learn to defend yourself, come what may. I always did. I even drew blood on a kid one time. And I would do it again if I had to. You can't allow people use and abuse you or they start to think you're easy pickin's. And then you'll never find any peace. 

In the 60's you could get away with it, not now. Zero tolerance. 

Amanda, this isnt PA, but it could be called rural...its the Effing Border with MX just over the wall, which is less than a mile away...Beleive me he does know how to defend himself, just 15 and he is 6' and 166 lbs. If I let that loose on the town, I dont even know what would happen. Down here you disappear.... or they set fire to your house while your in it....Im not a kid amanda, I am also in my 60's have raised 3 of my own and have 4 grandsons. I have all kinds of chit going on in my life  and telling me dont worry about it...ya right.....

I came back here to look for the snark.  

You're the only one involved in this conversation who knows exactly what you're going through.  I don't believe that you scare easily (Annie Oakley, remember??), so you have to do what you think best. 

I would take others' comments as encouragement rather than snark.  I think they mean well  {#floating.gif}{#floating.gif}{#floating.gif}{#floating.gif}{#friend.gif}{#friend.gif}{#friend.gif}{#friend.gif}{#friend.gif}.  

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