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Bout dam time huh

Added: Friday, September 18th 2020 at 9:58pm by 4lorac323
Category: About Me

I am finally going to get alone time, bout a month down the road. Twin 1 asked me if I wanted to drive one of his cars from Great Fall MT down to Austin TX....um, nope. Not that I am afraid of the drive, its the fact I cant leave T alone with JJ that long. They would kill each other. Add to the fact I have 4 Chihuahuas and now JJ's big puppy, the one he got to replace the one that was poisoned.

Hell I drove our stuff 1700 miles, that was a long assed trip and we came through it. This is the son with the kidney issues and then we got T with the liver issue....so yup, I have been tied to the house for years. Its notlike I would go anywhere, but I wouldnt have to work on someone elses demands and schedule, just mine.....

I was thinking yesterday that it hasnt rained here at all. All around us, but not here.

It is painfully dry here, but this IS the desert.But it is also monsoon season, with no monsoon. I looked at the future forcast and I havent seen anything there either.

Son took the TX job. He cannot tolerate the bitter cold and after last winter up in MT, it gets cold, real cold, below zero cold. For a healthy person its difficult, have compromised health and its painful.

I have Section 8, so rent isnt really an issue as long as its accepted. I do not and will no live in an apt.....I wont get rid of my Dogs either. The girls are over 8 yr old....and have never know anyone but us......

User Comments

He's choosing Austin over Montana because of the climate? 

he has kidney disease(Bergers disease which is a degenerative disease and the cold is so very painful for him, he is already on a pain mgmt program, has gout in almost every joint) ya know, he was born and raised in WI, so as biting winters are not new to him......

 the job offer is upwards of 100K, hell I'd go too!!

meant to say ass biting winters.....as in colder than a well diggers butt

More money and warmer winter. Good for Son :)

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