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Write My Essay: Essay Writing Company Establishes New Editing Feature

Added: Wednesday, June 1st 2016 at 6:32am by 24writer

Today, 24Writer.com, an essay writing service specializing in providing custom writing services for high school, college and university students, announced that they are going to provide their customers with a brand new type of paper editing services. This type entails a detailed three-level editing process, which is designed to ensure high quality content for students of all grades.

            Of the agency’s recent idea, its assistant manager Max L. said, “More and more students come to our service with their ‘write my essay’ requests of different types and levels of complexity every day. However, some of them prefer to do their homework on their own and ask us to provide them with editing assistance. Especially, those students who write research papers and dissertations. Editing service is helpful for students since it helps them get better grades and learn to produce more effective and quality writings. Professional editing is a good way for a student to get better grades. We decided to launch a more detailed three-level editing service to make sure that our assistance meets the highest standards of academic institutions. We provide editing as an additional feature for the papers produced by our writing experts as well as a separate service forstudents’ own drafts.”

Paper writing service newest editing technique

         The new editing technique designed by paper writing service entails the following levels:

·         Content editing aims to make the content, language, structure, presentation of ideas, argumentation and writing style appropriate. Editors check if the entire paper meets the purpose of the given task. This also includes ensuring that terms and conceptions are used properly.

·         Copy-editing aims to establish clarity and consistency of the content. It is necessary to make sure that the ideas flow in a clear manner.

·         Proofreading involves the last stage of polishing and makes sure that a document is ready for submission. It includes deleting punctuation, spelling, language, and sentence structure mistakes; making sure that the paper’s sections are presented in the necessary order; making sure that the paper is logically-consistent and all the necessary amendments have been done.

            These editing levels are essential for custom papers because they ensure high quality of writing and therefore – better educational results. In some cases, especially when it comes to Master’s and PhD papers, these levels are carried out for a number of times by different editing specialists to make sure that a document meets the highest standards.

About academic paper provider 24Writer.com


            24Writer.com is a writing service that assists students with their writing tasks. As it is stated on their website, this company accounts for more than 2,500 writers with 50+ different degrees. They can deliver almost any kind of academic paper, including essays, term papers, dissertations, articles, reviews, lab reports, research papers, admission essays, coursework, etc. All of their writers come from English-speaking countries, have at least two years of writing experience and hold advanced academic degrees.

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