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Shopping while Thursdayed

Added: Friday, September 17th 2021 at 1:35am by 1derlander
Category: Cities & Towns
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   Out and about yesterday - a bit of grocery shopping at 3 stores, middle of the day, masks required in Oregon.

Saved the big store for last, as it's a pain lately. They're remodeling all the shelving (it"s been going on since June) and reorganizing most of the store. They've printed maps, but ran out of copies.plus it keeps changing....

The fresh fish department is bare stainless steel with a fence erected around it - the pre-wrapped meat is all that's for sale, looks like no on-site butchery happening anymore.

The closest departments are the trimmed down "health-food" ailes and the bakery dept.

Taped to two empty bakery cases are a few white letter-sized notes, all with the same message printed in large black font:

"We apologize for the inconvienience but we are unable to do special order cakes at this time.

Thank you for your patience"

Brought an involuntary tightness to my throat and a dampness to my eye.  Our smiley 30-something mommy "cake-lady" died week before last of C19.    Sweet gal.

Rest In Peace, Brittany

The meat and fish department is empty cuz they're in quarantine or hospital.

Lots of people showing strange rashes - legs, arms, definitely more than last Spring.

My 20-something checker scratched at her long-sleeved arms as she paused from checking her previous customer. The backs of her hands showed an inlamed rash similar in degree to one from poison oak.  There are many, many people showing these rashes on legs and arms-but poison oak doesn't grow here on the north coast. 

I almost never get rashes as bad as what I've been seeing lately.  It's been more than 20 years...

I left thru the seldom used north entrance.   Two employees were seated there, talking quietly, tête a tête. One was sobbing -- more Covid - talk of friends taken, despite being "vaxe

It's a small town - less than 30 thousand in the whole county - yet the hospital and medical offices have 90 (ninety!) unfilled positions that remain unfilled.         Oregon National Guard troops are assisting registration...

Injurious Summer follies and car-wrecks are down since Labor-day.

Inside hospital, a mix of those who accepted the injection and those who did not - local paper reports numbers ABOUT THE SAME RATIO OF THOSE WHO HAVE ACCEPTED THE JAB TO THOSE WHO DO NOT.


So, how fit do you suppose YOUR immune system is?   One does hope you haven't decided to rely on those who wish the Earth substantially depopulated to keep you and yours alive and well - and fertile....





September 2021


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You beat me to it.  I was going to write about the rashes I've seen. 

They're all over the place. On people you wouldn't expect.


Rashes. I've seen them.


There's been a rash of sightings lately...

News is breaking out...

Things seem fairly normal in NE Ohio lately, but I do live in a sparsely populated semi-rural area and am almost entirely housebound now so maybe I just don't notice the changes.

I still try to take my mom to the grocery store every ten days or so, or out to lunch.  I miss salad bars.  Not much else.

Good to read you're still able to do what you do with Mom&Dad.

Simon still kicking?

▶ Imperatrix on Friday September 17th 2021 at 5:26am • Link • Reply • Delete

I miss salad bars too... sniff, sniff, {#rub-my-nose.gif}..🤧



I do my best not to go to stores

That is a very wise thing to do.  

Who wudda thought grocer shopping would become a daredevil sport?

I haven't seen anyone with rashes....yet, but give it time.

Seems to be common amongst grocery store checkers.  Saw this stuff at all three stores in town.

I dunno how I'd feel seeing rashed arms, handling my groceries.  Stupid, I know.  I use the self check out, so maybe some of the workers here could very well have rashes as well.  So many skin issues everywhere from so many different things. I wish we were a well nation with nothing wrong with anyone.

People do notice what they're looking for - that is a factor.   She was absent-mindedly scratching her sleeved arms with hands, the backs of which showed rashes, whilst pausing between tasks.  That's what caught my eye.    

Yes, shopping grocery stores where the employee are dropping from contagious disease is askin' for it.      (Cough) {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

A lot of different things cause rashes and other allergic reactions here in the Fall. The worst of them all is a healthy growth of Ragweed. My husband's eyes and nose are always red and swollen. It starts in September and he doesn't really get over it until Christmas. Wild parsnip is another baddy. If you get the juice of it on yourself and then go out in the sun blisters will form wherever it touched you. And now that we've had all of this flooding, mold is a big concern. 

Nah.  Rashes seem abnormally common on folks with walkers and wheelchairs too.  Not the types to be frolicing off-road through eye-high stands of poison parsnip

For me?  COOKIES are the culprit! 

People are staying "in", and "away" from each other, and they are thereby hungry for the natural "affection" that comes to them just by visiting with and/or  being close to other relational peeps... Many then, 'affection' themselves ...with confections. 

The increased sugar intake lowers one's immune system...hence: rashes, etc., etc., and etc....

--And, actually, many "healthy" 'bars' and many common packaged cookies have allergen ingredients. 

It's not a scientific study, but I proved for myself over a period of years that if I increase certain "bar" intake, or I cookie-binge with packaged Oreo's, etc., I get itches ...and a certain type of rash.  ---But that's just me.

Totally understand your coookie binge, Fed-up. (Munch, munch).  Made four dozen Ghiradelli milk chocolate + chopped walnuts cookies last night. (c ool rains coming :D) -- Do organic eggs and grass-fed organic butter make it health-foodie kosher?  (Nope {#bag-on-head.gif} )     

People leary of jabs are wary of rashes. (It's a sign!)

People accepting of jabs blind to rashes (scary stuff, these vaccine damage symptoms - close your eyes, don't acknowledge, deny, deny..)

So, I confessed to a sugary binge.

But now, back on the wagon. As you know, sugar does aide our microbial enemies, so on with optimizing healthy immune systems.   Gotta be fit as can be for our Path Ahead

And to 🔥 those cookies, I've got shoveling to do...

I'd like to help...have shovel...

I should hope not. But I hear there's a lot of allergies to laundry soap, and fabric softener, and face soap, and perfume, and cologne, and skin cream, and cleaning products, and sanitizer in that crowd plus they can be upset by the occasional odd pill or two. 

Rashes of unknown causes, do happen.  They could be shingles of some type. 

I do my shopping once a month.  Hubby does the main shopping, and he goes to the store at least once, and sometimes twice a week  Like Sabrina, I'm more of a home body.

Sounds like Walmart, doing the Redecorating in their stores across the U.S.  Is the store you're talking about Walmart?

No, it's not a Malwart, but it occupies a similar niche.

Yes, I know the many other explanations for rashes.  And that an attuned eye will notice things previously ignored.   So I discount most of this as being of "ordinary causation".    But it's so....widespread. 

(I was lured in by 4x fuel points.  Think I'm done with that save-a-few-sheckles foolishness.   (For this week, anyway ;))

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