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It's not about Covid, it's about CONTROL!

Added: Monday, September 20th 2021 at 5:32pm by 1derlander
Category: News & Issues
Related Tags: bullies

It's not about COVID, it's about controlExclusive: Patrice Lewis says vaccine mandate is 'the hill to die on' for millions of Americans

By Patrice Lewis 

Published September 17, 2021 at 7:36pm


You know, there's an old myth about a frog in a pot. I'm sure you've heard it. Supposedly if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will immediately jump out. But if you put a frog in a pot of cold water and slowly heat up the water, it won't notice until it reaches the boiling point, at which point it's too late. The frog is cooked.

All the reductions in freedoms we've undergone in the last few decades have ratcheted up astronomically since the COVID scare. But with Biden's recent vaccine mandates, he may have just thrown the frog into the boiling water. In other words, he moved too quickly.

Lots of people have said they would never get the vaccine for a variety of reasons. But now that Biden has imposed mandates, there are screams of outrage:

If Truckers Like Me Won't Comply, Biden's Vaccine Mandate Could Tank The EconomyYeah, about that 100 Employee mandate

TRENDING: 'Politically explosive secret': Republican's case against major media jumps forward

Teachers Leaving Schools Over Medical Tyranny and CRT Now Have HIGH Market Value

In short, millions of people are facing job losses in light of these mandates. For the vast majority, mandates haven't made them more eager to get the vaccine. It's done the exact opposite: It has become the hill they're willing to die on.

Ironically, considering that COVID and the vaccines are (in theory) a medical issue, the medical system is one of the most pivotal industries under attack. Endless medical professionals are being silenced, threatened with firing, threatened with a loss of credentials, or all of the above if they speak out on what they're seeing or refuse to take the jab:

Doctors Risk Losing License for Opinion on COVID-19 Vaccination Deemed 'Misinformation' by Certifying BoardsWe Have A Pandemic Of Censorship Against PhysiciansBiden's Vaccine Mandate Is Exacerbating the Nursing Shortage Which Is Already at Crisis Levels

Why are these health care professionals refusing the vaccine? What are they seeing? As it turns out, they're seeing thousands of people hospitalized with serious and life-threatening complicationsdirectly correlated with the vaccine. They're seeing thousands more who have contracted COVID despite being double-vaxxed. They're seeing that being vaccinated doesn't stop people from being contagious. In short, they're learning the vaccines do no good and much harm.

The result is a massive staffing shortage in hospitals around the country. In my state of Idaho, the governor recently activated the National Guard to increase hospital staffing, but it wasn't enough to prevent Idaho hospitals from implementing "Crisis Standards of Care."

According to a press release by Priscilla Giddings (a member of the Idaho State Legislature), the crisis in Idaho hospitals has nothing whatever to do with the number of unvaccinated COVID patients: "If you watch the news, sensationalized reporting says it's because of a 'high hospitalization rate amongst the unvaccinated population.' But the data doesn't bear that out. In reality, it's about staffing. … The committee then recommended the activation of the Crisis Standards of Care, which the media is now misrepresenting. The question remains, why would our health care facilities suddenly be facing overwhelming staffing shortages? Could it be because of the recent COVID-19 vaccine mandates imposed on our medical staff? Across the United States, health care workers are being threatened with termination or have already been terminated over personal conviction."

There are endless data coming out about the harshness with which medical professionals are being treated. They're quitting or being fired in droves. According to independent journalist Leo Hohmann, "Fifteen top-level frontline doctors met in Puerto Rico last week to form a strategy to counteract the unbridled corruption they say is destroying the American medical profession and leading to thousands of unnecessary deaths. … [H]ospitals are suspending physicians and investigating them simply because they prescribed the drug ivermectin, a well-known anti-microbial that entire nations are using with great success to treat COVID patients. … These doctors are not happy with how COVID patients in U.S. hospitals are being treated, or more precisely, not being treated. … But in the current environment, many doctors and hospitals are either not telling patients that there are proven treatments available, or outright denying patients who ask for suchtreatments."

Recently, a Detroit TV news reporter who was seeking stories of loved ones who died of COVID-19 after refusing to be vaccinated got a surprise when the station's Facebook page was flooded with stories of loved ones who were injured or died – not from the virus, but from the shot. Last I checked, there were 214,000 comments and 194,000 shares. (I'm kind of surprised Facebook hasn't taken the page down.) The vast, vast majority of people who posted comments are not pleased with the COVID vaccine requirements, to put it mildly.

Comically, Fauci says it may take "many, many" more vaccine mandates to get the pandemic under control. This is baloney, of course. If they wanted to get the pandemic "under control," they would universally prescribe ivermectin and the "pandemic" would be over within weeks, as happened recently in India.

But you'll notice – they're not. It should be abundantly clear by now this isn't about COVID. It's about control.

Mandates are going to crash the American economy. If one-third of the population of this nation refuses to take the vaccine and are fired because of it, that's one-third of the truckers, one-third of the teachers, one-third of the doctors, nurses and every other critical industry that keeps America going.

But in fact, Biden's vaccine mandates may be a good thing in the end. His handlers are too dumb to realize you can't throw a frog in a pot of boiling water. If millions of Americans declare forced vaccinations as the hill they're willing to die on, what then?

One thing is certain: The Biden régime will continue to ratchet up the panic, the hysteria, the misinformation, until it's taken to the next level. What that "next level" might be is anyone's guess.

A cornered animal fights viciously because it has nothing more to lose and everything to gain. Right now Americans are being pushed into a corner by their tormenters. As American history shows time and again, that is never a safe place to be – for the tormenters.

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User Comments

He's got part of the pictire...


Yep...commies are uber-ControlFreaks

"pictire " I can work with that...

I'd like to spike their tires to stop their evil forward motion...   

Sometimes it takes a spoonful of strong medicine to keep people alive. And sometimes you have to hold their nose and pour it down their gullet whether they want it or not. All of this worry is man made. It's based on conjecture and immagination. And it's a worrying mistrust of authority. 

sometimes you have to hold their nose and pour it down their gullet whether they want it or not.

Sometimes you just have to euthanize your child for the better good. All of this worry about medical experiments is man made based on conjecture and the imaginations of people who oppose the Reich and science. --Your Nazi Betters


As America descends into darkness, you'll descend in lock step. You'll snoop & snitch for the state, unleash your two minutes of hate for the state, join the mantra of mobs against the unclean and sellout your own blood, liberty and country in order to keep a grip on your childish delusion that we are led by leaders or that this system is just.

-u know who

This has nothing to do with Nazis or the Third Reich. This has to do with fighting a pandemic and peoples' stupidity. 

You're right, it doesn't. It's about you. The psychology of those who enabled Hitler remains the same. People who think 2+2=5, that the authorities have your best interest in mind, that it can't happen here etc...


Scott -- There are authority figures and then there are authority figures. Not all of them are looking to destroy us or enslave us. Our government only wants to keep us from dying of COVID. And I can't fault them for that. How can you?

Nobody said a word about ALL. I'm talking about proven liars, hypocrites and those who live under a different standard of justice than the rest of us. Can you commit perjury before Congress? No!. So why the fuck can your hero authorities?

I don't think you know the first thing about what the Government has done, so your qualifications to speak on their intent don't exist. Information can be put right before your eyes and you wilfully ignore unless it has state/media/corporate approval. You are definitely of the mindset that enables tyrants. Go ahead and pretend they love you. I think it's hilarious and all of the evidence to the contrary is on my side.


Control, division, and triggering people so that they become violent... so they can be labeled as "terrorist, and then they will convince the brainless masses that they need to ban guns... etc. Etc. Etc.

Have you seen last night's Tucker - how the best units in the military are being dismantled; best people being forced out?

Like general milley sez "we're the guys with the guns"    It's a literal gun-grab going on right now  (military-gtade guns!) under cover of mandatory covid vaccination, overt anti-white racism

I go a bad feeling about this. 

Yep....It's all about control.  The kind that says, Do as I say, not do as I do.  Because you can be sure, they are not doing, what they are telling the people to do.


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