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Everything You Know is Wrong #1

Added: Monday, August 30th 2021 at 8:25pm by 1derlander
Category: Health
Related Tags: slavery



             (Cut 'n paste)


User Comments

Everyone can benefit from reading this

There is nothing to be critical of in this particular piece, but it's way late to the conversation.

On a side note...

Rosenberg doesn't get much traction because he spends his time pandering to the left. Just a few days ago he was being critical of Tucker, while praising HuffPo. What else would one expect from a Salon writer? He's part left-libertarian with agorist delusions such as being able to live your life in America free of the state no matter its size and scope LOL. Right!

If you want this same perspective, said a thousand times better, genuinely beneficial and with courage, then it's the Tom Woods newsletter. No one cares what milquetoast fence-sitters think at this moment in time. It's those playing at the speed of the game and paying a cost for it that matter. Reminds me so much of Blogster....  people always trying to say the safe thing, rather than what needs to be said in the moment.  Paul said squat about science when it mattered, and in due time, many people around here will also conclude science to be more accurate than the state - and they will then take their seat at the back of the church like Paul.

This clown is either trying to save face, or he's waking up. But at the end of the day he falls right in line with the statist/corporatist left. I'll predict that he will convince himself that scientism is a suitable substitute for science.

If you need receipts, I have them.


Wow! Just read Nikki's post.

What happened? Very based in previous years. Sounds like she's in a cognitive dissonance death spiral and not of sound mind. Seems there may be a bit too much on her plate.

I'd go shout at her if I could. She's worth the effort.


Cognotive dissonance death spiral  that's how it appears.   Suggested she commit herself for a spell. Said she would but has not.

She does repeatedly say she dumps her crap here on Blogster...

Not at all, 1derlander,

I am returning to who I am. 

Oh Boy High Quality GIF


Just stop mentioning my name...

I just did, for what it's worth.

OK. Who are you? A cultural Baptist since your great-grandparents were, once upon a time long ago, Believers and acted as Christians?

Great pic Nikki :)


Holy shit Nikki. Wtf happened to you? 4 years ago you were as enlightened as anyone here (few as they were) on how we're being divided and conquered and now you sound completely gaslit by CNN? 

What happened? The alt-right? hahahaha..   If you think the alt-right holds relevance in this country, something has gone seriously wrong for you...


Life happened to me Scott and I lost my fiance. 

I do not feel 23 years old. 

I'd like to speak up about things that happened to me in Alaska. All in time, maybe I could write a novel about my personal experience with my daily interactions in a majority alt-right crowd. Or a film... 

If you want to check my true emails... I've been screaming Trump2022 and have even written poems about Donald Trump. But if the side is racist and against progressive politics, I have to stay with the left. It's time for a clash. I have conservative ideals, LET US IN TO JOIN THE SIDE and add diversity, get rid of the KKK, death threats, systemic racism, and protest for Elijah McClain as the left have. The alt-right definitely have held relevance, the majority of cops are alt-right and the ones who killed Elijah are alt-right. It is one of the main reasons why we are feuding and killing each other in this country. 

I admire Mr. Trump but he rallies a hateful crowd who wouldn't think twice about shooting my black ass if I got out of line. As I've been at gunpoint 3 times now. 

I live in the heart of Trump country and I'm quite sure not one person around here is a threat to you and they're not hateful. They're pissed off and rightfully so.

I don't advocate for Trump or care who does, but if your focus is on the KKK, alt-right - systemic racism, a lack of diversity and all of the other nonsense then you're not standing with the left, you're subverted like the left. You're falling victim to an onslaught of psychological warfare.

There are radicalized and violent people who identify with a bunch of bullshit all over the place, but gaslighting is what turns morons into movements. If you're buying the movement narrative, you're falling for lies. It's not the threat it's made out to be.

At the same time people are crying about the alt-right, we have the FBI manufacturing kidnap plots in Michigan to blame on the alt-right.... because you know, the threat is everywhere lol.

You people are lost going about trying to find justice for people like McClain by imagining that there is a subculture that extends beyond those cops. Today it's alt-right, tomorrow it's just right wing period and so on.

Your words amount to half cult like behavior and half cognitive dissonance. We have political prisoners in this country being held in solitary for what should amount to a misdemeanor so gimme a fuckin' break about alt-right threats. We have soyboy woke fucktards and man hating feminists holding all the levers of power including the military and our adversaries are playing chess while we play checkers.....

You're on the wrong side of history, Nikki.


The thread have been saved for educational purposes. 

-->> awwwnikki

"Be me for a day, and you'd be crying and suicidal over how the entire world treats women of color like me for speaking out."

...uhhhhh, that's a joke, right? Just to be fair, can you give one example that supports your claim? 

No gratuitous n-words on my page, Nikki.  Your comment deleted. Also, please keep it clean, you have your degree - use it.

And 1 last thing, see the title of this post?  Yep, that certainly applies to you too, young lady.

Well said Mr 1derlander {#apploud.gif}

I am getting myself together, and I will not conduct myself this way in public. 

How else am I supposed to be heard online, if I speak peacefully? 

Please hear my story. 

I'm going ballistic because I've had it. 

I'll seek out therapy and try a peaceful approach, but I'm fighting back as hard as I can. 

Please read my work when it is published....

I'd be happy to Nikki....:)

The thread have been saved for educational purposes.

What can be saved lol    I didn't get to see your comment with the forbidden language before removal. Are you sharing your thoughts any place where they won't be deleted, Nikki? I'd be glad to read them.


two fools with a crush

I've been too mad, this isn't healthy. And I've embarassed myself. 

Take care Scott. 

It's amazing you don't see the problem with saying "But the Government has been telling us to get vaccinated for this and for that" as if that makes it OK? I'm not even saying there isn't an argument for vaccines, especially since some have proven effective. But you're constantly conflating those with these experimental jabs that are proving to be far less. And worse than that, you're doing your usual submission to the state dance which at this point is truly mind-boggling.

Have you not noticed how much the ruling elites hate you?

Whenever someone dissents the establishment orthodoxy, you start questioning the dissenter, not whatever BS makes them pause and reflect. How can you ignore the truth when it's so clear? You know he is correct. 100% you know it.

The greatest danger
to the State
is independent
intellectual criticism.
Murray N. Rothbard


@Amala:     What Scott said☝

Dear Amala -

Doubting and being able to explain why he is incorrect are quite different.

The ruling elites just deemed you non-essential, didn't care one bit what that did to your life, and then wanna put your freedom on a carrot stick unless they inject their (already admitted) useless shit in you. If that's the kind of authoritarian Government you want, then wth do you live in America? That they have ZERO interest in anything that might help with Covid other than their profit scam jabs should raise alarms for you, but you're too confused about what a vaccine is and isn't. Furthermore, you're confused about what an anti-vaxxer is. Vast overwhelming majority have the shots you cite, but suddenly because they don't want this bullshit that makes them anti-vax? lol

Pure nonsense! You'll support anything up to and including forced injections and covid camps. Very disturbing!


P.S. If I'm the Anon you're speaking to, then I'd respond by saying...  Why don't we have the state put people on a diet? What other magic tricks would you like to see from Government? Just curious? Should they engage in a war on drugs? I'm sure that would be a bang up success.

FREE shots for everyone... nothing is free. 


Phizer just took in 40 billion in profit. YOU'RE PAYING FOR IT! Jesus....  

No, the whole point of being vaccinated was NOT so you won't get sick enough to die. That's an absolute bullshit moving of the goalposts and intellectually dishonest.

You know as well as I do that the msg was "Get vaxxed so you can get your life back without restriction"... Do I need to put their own words before you? When does accountability happen?

Your loving Government has given you...
500 days to slow the spread (up from 15)
Experimental jabs and boosters that are innefective
Medical segregation
Censorship of Doctors/Experts
Suppression of helpful treatments
Vax Passports/Contact tracing...

and more bullshit to come.

With each and every step we take into this hell pit of medical tyranny, I think you'll find a way to justify it. If this were 1930s Germany and Covid was a problem during that time, and Hitler said we have a problem with the Jews because they don't wanna get vaxxed, you'd support the Reich taking whatever measures they deemed necessary. That's the path you seem to be on because 1) you ignore facts, and 2) frown on dissent, and 3) blindly trust the state.

I think that since you're not a doctor that you shouldn't give out medical advice. I believe I already had Covid in Dec 19 and the sooner everyone else gets it, the better off the world will be.


You seem to be missing the fact that the experimental vaccines are rapidly becoming a failed experiment. If you wanna continue taking them, I support your right to do so. And so does the state, as they have many boosters planned for you.

I think you need to get up to speed on the details of covid. The science has changed, because it was never science to begin with. And I know people affected by Covid, one died OF Covid, one died WITH Covid.

Virtue signalling while ignoring facts is so messed up.

You are welcome to ignore how NOT WORRIED of Covid your betters are lol. They're laughing. I'm sorry, but I can't take you serious on an issue like this because you're always gonna appeal to authority - which in this day and age is crazy.

Wake up and smell the tyranny. If it were as serious as the "experts" and ruling class say, then they wouldn't be do as I say, not as I do . Ever notice?

Take some red-pills Amala, they'll soon be in short supply.


Then in some other neighborhood where most are vaccinated it's the opposite. You're cherry picking data, just like the bureaucrats.

They are your betters. They know it, and you'd be wise to figure it out. You've long since ceded to their authority. I can't imagine a day in your life in which you haven't since you continuously find yourself on the wrong side of history.

I can say they're NOT WORRIED because they're fucking crying about individuals having the freedom to move in this country, while they hold events for themselves and break all the rules. You know what Amala? I'm not gonna dance your ignorant dance. You know FOR SURE that they have not done themselves what they tell you to do. But if you wanna convince yourself otherwise go right ahead.

A government desperate to stop a pandemic? LOL That's why they censor and destroy more highly credentialed experts than the clown bureaucrats they put before you? Let that sink in. If there was such an effort going on, I assure you that the proper course of action is NOT to limit opinion and expertise. They've been controlling the narrative since the beginning and you're following obediently, per usual.


Tyranny isn't a big word. It's just one you're afraid of. Regardless, it is here and every honest thinking person knows it to be true at some level.

Your understanding of Government and its proper role is still sorely lacking.

Every authoritarian you submit to is your better. That's how they view you, and you accept it. Calling yourself better than your betters just makes them laugh, and they laugh frequently.

I already conceded on Maggies page that the vax may lessen the effects. But you're still way misinformed. The Delta initially was OMG SCARY but then science showed it was only more contagious, not necessarily more deadly. That's why deaths continued to drop as cases rose. All you're doing is following conventional wisdom whatever it may be on any given day. Whatever makes you comfortable, per usual.

Nice to know you support censorship too. A doctor can spend 50 years in his field but because the state doesn't like them going against the narrative, they get silenced and you're fully supportive of that?

You don't know a fact from a fraud and you have the track record to prove it. You trust TV news and comply with proven liars. You are the LAST person anyone should listen to. As soon as all of this changes in America and the concensus is clear, whatever you're saying now that doesn't add up will suddenly vanish from your memory.


I've got a free kick in the ass for Amala.

I'm already there, smarty-pants.

It's amazing to see someone so literate and eloquent be so freakin' stupid.

Simply amazing.

Go play with your dollies.  At least they listen.  Right?

Truly stupid is assuming that I listen to 'conspiracy theorists.'   I remain blissfully ignorant of Qanon and all manner of anti-vaxxers, but am smart enough to know that sometimes there really IS a conspiracy to be uncovered, like all the crappola thrown out there about Trump during the last election.  Russiagate?  HOAX.  Ukraingate?  HOAX.   Taxgate?  HOAX.

I could fill the page with the list but you ate it up like ice cream.  'Cus, like, it was on CNN and stuff.

@ Amala

I was gonna respond to your last comment until I saw the BBC mention. What a joke! I understand now. Say no more, unless you wanna discuss the BBC itself ?

You are so clearly engaged in endless confirmation bias. When you hear something you're comfortable with, that's what makes sense to you. Lol 2021 is LITERALLY the year of vindication for conspiracy theories so that's a silly take. You're just out of touch with reality.

Once doesn't even have to listen to a conspiracy theorist on COVID. Just listen to the censored experts. You're so susceptible to propaganda that you think only big pharma sponsored corporatist media can find an expert, and those not approved by the system are the source of conspiracies lol. Their tactics work to absolute perfection on you. When books like Propaganda and Crystallizing Public Opinion were written, I don't think they could have imagined the success they've achieved with some people.

Your critique of Fauci is laughable because at the end of the day you will always comply with dictates. And you'll always shame anyone who doesn't show the same level of obedience you do. We had this discussion a decade ago, and take a long hard look at where the country is today? Much closer to me than you, by a big stretch.

At this point your view on covid and vaccines is secondary to my fascination with the psychology of you. You are one of three people on here over the years who bring real life evidence to books I read 40 years ago but couldn't see examples that I now see. I understood what they were saying, but didn't think it was working. Boy was I wrong.

Please tell me more about the BBC? {#rofl.gif}



"But they'll always have sheeple like you to follow them, mainly because you don't think for yourselves."  It's apparent that you have not been paying attention to Scott for the years he's been on Blogster. {#black_quiet.gif}

omg.  The BBC is as left as it gets!!!!!!  lololol lmfaooooooooooooooo!

You're the people who would follow Hitler.

You're one of these people who didn't know what to do after obedience training in school, so rather than finding your Independence and embracing life with all of its wonderful dangers, you created another cage to crawl back into because you didn't know how to behave without the authoritative structure. This is well known psychology and you fit it perfectly. You practice just like people practice religion. EXACTLY the same.

Any opposition to authority is met by subservient people like you as if someone is attacking your Mother. Despite all we know of their evil ways, you still compel people to obey their hypocritical decrees.

You're as sick as they get, Amala.


So sad too. I used to enjoy a lotta programming on there but the partisan crap just becomes unbearable, no matter which side...



You wouldn't know the first fucking thing about Anarchy. Just pulling words out of your ass with no comprehension of their meaning or history lol.

All of your BS about "checks and balances", all of your flipflops on war, and obamacare, all of the arguments on this site where you have had your head handed to you. I'd just shut the fuck up about idiocy because you're the mark.

You're a doormat for tyranny. A slave, bootlicker, hypocrite and coward. No clue about the role of Government. It's your Daddy and Mommy. and in your case, Grandma too.

There are no team players you ignorant sack. Those are communists, collectivists and useful idiots. That's who you find on the same team, YOUR team.

Everytime you speak, I hear a mother betraying her children. Go fuck yourself!


There is nothing wrong with being a team player , don't listen to those opposing the Reich, they're anarchists...   Said the German mother to her child as he left for Nazi youth indoctrination.


It brings me no satisfaction at all to share this country with subverted midwits such as yourself. I don't give one fuck what you think of my opinion.

Dumbest comment you've made yet is "ELECTED OFFICIALS"....  so clueless that you believe the people calling the shots are elected officials? LOLOL.  See, I know your BS routine so much that you'll now say.....   well, elected officials call upon the best experts available to assist it making decisions in the best interest of the American people.  YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   If these people happen to be authoritarian totalitarian scum, you're fine with that and THAT is the problem you incredibly stupid person. Appeal to authority no matter what. It's like, vote blue no matter who.

You are beyond hopeless and not fit to debate any subject.


I trust NOTHING of what our government is PUSHING on us. 

"Never let a good crisis go to waste." says it all!!! Even the fact that google search feels it's important to attribute the quote (and chose that particular wording of the various quotes) to Churchill and ONLY Churchill, rather than the most recent and more pertinent Rahm Emanuel quote. 

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

Rahm Emanuel


Rahm spelled it out clearly. Only the stupid among us can't see it.

Why let a crisis go to waste indeed.  The Chinese have another meaning for the word crisis.  It's OPPORTUNITY..

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