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Bananas - If you got 'em, smoke 'em

Added: Thursday, September 16th 2021 at 11:44am by 1derlander
Category: Advice Column
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  From Wikipedia:


   Banana skins and other hoaxesEdit

In March 1967 Scherr, ....(owner of The Berkely Barb newspaper).... hoping to trick authorities into banning bananas, ran a satirical story which claimed that dried banana skins contained "bananadine", a (fictional) psychoactive substance which, when smoked, supposedly induced a psychedelic high similar to opium and psilocybin.[6] The Barb may have been inspired by Donovan's 1966 song "Mellow Yellow", with its lyric "Electrical banana/Is gonna be a sudden craze."[7] The hoax was believed and spread through the mainstream press, and was perpetuated after William Powellincluded it in The Anarchist Cookbook. A New York Times article on illicit drugs by Donald Louria, MD, noted in passing, that "banana scrapings, provide— if anything—a mild psychedelic experience."[8] The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigated and concluded that banana skins were not psychedelic.

The Barb was itself subjected to hoaxes. At a memorial for the social activist and founder of the Yippies, Stew Albert, the following story was told:

One victim of an Albert prank was Max Scherr, editor of the Berkeley Barb, that legendary paper of the days of the Movement. "A lot of Jewish kids were converting to Buddhism then," Paul Glusman said, "so Albert cooked up a hoax, getting a letter mailed from Japan to the paper reporting that all the Buddhist kids in Japan were converting to Judaism." Scherr ran the letter.[9]


User Comments

Bananadine for all...

Too, Commie = good = a hoax.


Were you disappointed? 

Disappointed that peeps fall for it.

I wonder how mant tried smoking a banana for a high?

More than a few, I'd imagine...and no, I never tried it, lol.   

I remember that, lol!  The Hippie E4era, brought up a lot of crazy things, and there were a whole lot of people, who swore it was all true, Lol, bananas!!  A good nutritional food, that got as bad rep, from it, lol!

Rats, that should read era, no E4era,,,,,

Well, now we know...(or do we, lol)



Bananadine...sounds like a casserole with a few extras on top {#crosseyed.gif}

I wonder if there was a shortage of bananas back then....?

Sounds like a bananana based cough syrup :D


One would think anything as common and potentially profitable as bananadine would have been discovered and celebrated in pre-columbian times.

-na lol

It could have been popularized in a matter of weeks too! :)

Now that could have worked and been tasty all at the same time.  Many still get high on cough syrup after all.  {#basic-cool.gif}

Hi Scott :)

Hi Dani :)

Hope the hurricane didn't affect you badly.


Hey Scott...I was very lucky.  Hurricane Ida made landfall about 2 houre NE of my location.  So while Baton Rouge eastward and beyond were being devestated, all we had, west of that storm, was soft breezes and overcast skies. Not even any rain.  Thank goodness!  This state seems to draw in hurricanes like a magnet!  Thanks for asking :)

Good to hear. I know a couple in Tenn who lost their home due to flooding in the aftermath. but they're ok so that's good. Crazy stuff..

Stay well :)


You stay well also with autumn/winter approaching!

Will smoking banana peels get you high? - The Straight Dope

I've never smoked banana peels, but I have smoked a banana lol. We needed something to be able to smoke and I was never big fan of "bible paper" which friend 1 suggested, so we went with the banana pipe option. He used a skewer to tunnel towards the middle making a hole for the carburetor, and then another tunnel to the bowl hole. Not through the stem tho lol. Worked like a champ as the natural coolness of the banana filtered the smoke as it also picked up that fruity flavor along the way. We called it "Mellow Yellow"

Never underestimate the ingenuity of those who smoke pot.


Mellow Yellow, lol ...and it wuz...

I would have never remembered Mellow Yellow if not for your post. One of those in the moment things.... but I spoke to my friend last evening and he actually remembered we called it Mellow Yellow.


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