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This poem mentions the C word

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, April 28th 2012 at 7:39pm by 11goodnights
Related Tags: death, illness, work, dream, lies

Heaving and suffocating vomit

System overload

Retry retry

Crazy cunt woman

Assuming i lie

Hope you feel like dying

Like i did

Hope there is enough time

Monday I don't get hurt

Push it push it

Too hard


Lack of stability

Physical body



Alone hopeful

Drowning in where i wish i was

And what i wish i was doing

Solace in dreams

There has always been solace in dreams

User Comments

I am just asking because I really don't understand the why----why do young girls on blogs feel they have to use gutter language?? The first 5-6 blogs by, again young women, here all contain foul language why?

because we are unintelligent? we don't know healthy ways of releasing our anger in writing without them? our generation is harsh and judgemental? idk


why don't you stop reading young girls' blogs?

I don't but all of you use the words in your title or first 2 sentences so it shows up on the main page--I really would like to think the reasons you give are trying to be 'smart' but they don't come across that way.

I really thought I might get an answer--oh well.

I gave you my answer the last time you commented about it.

Please see the response I just posted on noangelshere

Maybe I read it wromg but I thought your 'answer' was trying to be funny while I was being serious, looking for an explanation not a typical teenage 'let's show how disrespectful we can be'.

I'm sorry I jumped on you at noangelshere's blog. The answer i was referring to before was the one where I said it's a purging.

I guess I got defensive because that answer didn't seem good enough for you, since you asked again. It's the same why.

I imagine there are genrational differences, but also just different ways in being raised on a more individual basis. I guess our biggest difference is that i just didn't see a reason to dwell on it, because i used a lot of other words in the same post.

Again I'm sorry for being disrespectful, I'm just opinionated. Like you...{#basic-blush.gif}

i like. anger.

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