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How many times can one love in all one's life?

Added: Wednesday, September 24th 2008 at 3:25am by 008girl

How many times can one love in all one's life?
Wanted to look for that familiar figure of yours again, but never found. As the love has already disappeared gradually, he will have gone far gradually too   The love has already left away gradually, all has got back to the origin again. Once, did not want to be injured, so I chose to escape to choose to hide. HTML clipboardReciprocating Pumps| Metering Pumps long long ago But now,  Do not I know, do not I really know, how many times can one love in allone'slife?                                                                                                                                                                                
But! Perhaps the true love is on once! This kind loves, well-matched in social and economic status, does not fall in love at first sight, the highest realm of the true love, one's life may be met, perhaps can't meet.
I know, I miss you, but I can't tell you; Night is so quiet, the quiet one enables me to hear heart-broken sound. Understood at last, some distance was unable to go beyond forever. It is known obviously lonelily that it is always omnipresent.
Then, you thinking in the distant place stealthily, "the farthest distance in the world, know each other in love obviously but can't have law and discipline keep out this burst miss, must pretend not to set you free into the heart at all on purpose obviously together. " Can say to oneself, you are happy so I am happy, but unable to tell you in the heart, because I can not already chase you  
Person that have, if you some person that responsibility have once more, if you how some value highly, check and then!
Nobody can tell me, have me only alone on the long road, leaving slowly of one, all sorts of sorrow for no reason is attacking me, where is the purpose? I do not know. Why? I do not know either!
Perhaps, too lonely; Perhaps, really miss you very much, do not I know either what happened to me on earth?HTML clipboardHigh pressure pumps Piston Pumps The ones that remembered you to me in the past are kind, missed deeper and deeper to you, I wanted to look for a quiet night very much, one that is a lot of bottom of heart disconsolate quiet to pour out to you. But never found you. At night, facing toward the fatherless light, enjoy a trip to it in front of the computer, I fall into deep miss. It is more lonely than any time at this moment, I suspect one's own one is true. Present I do not really know how to adjust this paces. Grieved soul need silent to pacify perhaps, time will make all these covered with dust perhaps. However, time will not stop, everything is continuing  
Full of regrets in life!
Sometimes, regret it is not a kind of beauty either, just, this demands expensive cost beautifully, often know regret, often cherish the memory of, but bury there deeply forever, it is deep and eternal that this kind loves, diligent and unable from dispersing in mind in any case. How could forget to ache? Is everything wrong? Is everything very ridiculous? I am very contradictory.
You have been kind to mine over the past four years, but I all break it. As to you, I have not have been far too much enough, the a lot of one let I do not dare to be missing you. Really, sometimes some people separate, perhaps will not meet each other again. Perhaps we are like this!

HTML clipboard

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